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Comment Re:This breaks my brain. (Score 1) 33

It's really a very simple device. Make a nanopore (very small hole) and run the DNA/RNA through it (all this takes is a few simple chemical steps to get the DNA/RNA to unfold). Measure the change in electrical potential as the DNA/RNA goes through the hole one base at a time (kind of like reading a string of different colored beads).
The expensive part is the proprietary software to analyze the data... but that should get cheaper over time.

Comment Re:Net Neutrality? (Score 1) 173

Apples and oranges.
Or, how about a car analogy? Electricity is like driving a car... it uses energy, more if you go faster and have a bigger car. It requires hard infrastructure (road, oil wells, refineries, etc.). There is no monopoly on cars, oil, roads. The Internet has low infrastructure costs and high societal value which can be easily subverted by telecoms monopolies... hence net neutrality.

Comment Re:Things that make you go "hmmm..." (Score 1) 150

The cycle from electricity to H2 generation, storage and burning in a fuel cell is only about 22% efficient.
This seems like a lot of trouble to go to on a very inefficient process.
Might be better to use batteries to capture the electricity (and these can be supplemented on the ground by plugging it into the grid). Electricity to battery round trip can be better than 90% efficient.

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