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Comment: Property rights (Score 1) 328

by msoori (#41336023) Attached to: Wozniak On the Samsung Patent Verdict
Its hard to understand this being in the tech world. Tech world is about ideas and ideologies, but fails to see the real world for what it is (until it bites you in the a$$), which is all about property rights. I was (and still am) a die hard geek, but out of curiosity I wanted to learn about real estate after we bought our house. I thought there are so many inefficiencies that this will be something I can look to find better ways of doing that. I really wanted to do that before we bought the house, but didn't work out that way. I think every one should learn about about how real estate works before buying a house. Its an eye opener. Every war ever fought, every treaty that has been signed, and even the Habendum clause ("to have and to hold") in the marriage wows comes down to property rights. Yes, a wife was considered property, and property rights were granted along with such property! As far patents are concerned, like everything else with property rights, its all about YOUR cow crossed into my yard and ate MY grass. Now I want to be compensated.

Comment: Mozilla should Slashdot more often (Score 1) 200

by msoori (#27170635) Attached to: Mozilla Contemplates a Future Without Google
Maybe Mozilla guys should read slashdot more often... if they /. just a couple of days agao, they would have been able to recognize a business opportunity Now, could I be the one to have brokered this deal and collect a few million$?

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