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Comment Re:It can be confusing... (Score 1) 555

I myself am out of date, so I need to beg off of specific numbers, but there is a third metric to consider here, power consumption. If the Intel is $50 more expensive, but the AMD consumes an extra 10W, and you pay for your electric bill, then there is a good chance that the Intel is actually cheaper to own. It's basically like gas mileage on cars.

Comment Re:That's curious (Score 1) 141

We outsource to Russia at my office.

India probably has one of the most active software industries out there, but how many major Indian software products do you use on a daily basis? (Indian CEOs and branch offices don't count) If you're a global company, you tend to make the USA your HQ. It just makes sense given the dominance of the USA stock exchanges.

Also, there's a reason why Kaspersky doesn't have trouble hiring AV developers.

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