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Comment Re:Simplification (Score 2) 280

This is why I mentioned the simplification. German law makes judgement about how good a creation is. Since we are Germans, we even have an own word for it: "SchÃpfungshÃhe" (in english; Threshold of originality).

If you don't reach a certain level, no copyright protection.

Comment Simplification (Score 1) 280

That statements simplifies the legal situation. The example was concerning high-level restaurants where the food presentation might reach a level of art that could be protected. You won't get hammered for taking a shot of your burger at McDonalds ;-).

Even with high-level restaurants, while there may be a policy which asks you not to take photos, no lawsuit has been initiated yet. So this is a very theoretical discussion.

And all of this has to be tested in court....

Comment A bit of history (Score 4, Informative) 111

The last time such accusations were leveled against the press the secretary of defense had to vacate his chair afterwards. (Spiegel-Scandal)

The time before, it won the person publishing "state secrets" the Nobel Peace Price (Carl con Ossietzky)

So the accusations against are rather honoring them in the eyes of those who know history.

Submission Germany won't prosecute NSA, but bloggers->

tmk writes: After countless evidence the on German top government officials German Federal Prosecutor General Harald Range has declined to investigate any wrongdoings of the secret services of allied nations like NSA or the British GCHQ. But after plans of the German secret service "Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz" to gain some cyper spy capabilities like the NSA were revealed by the blog, Hange started an official investigation against the bloggers and their sources. The charge: treason.
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Comment Re:I think this is BS (Score 2) 160

Nope, Central Europe.

State of the art for a DC is a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) value of 1,1 or lower. This means: for getting 1kwh used for a computer, you have to put 1,1kwh (or less) into the datacenter.

This uses the adiabatic cooling, which is some kind of cheating (you are evaporating water). But water is in ample supply here (not being California).

We are currently in the process of designing a new DC and getting the PUE value as low as possible is major design goal.


Comment Two other things and one suggestion (Score 1) 698

I am sorry to hear about the seriousness of your illness and admire your for dealing with it so openly.

Since I had death and illness of a close relative lately, I would ask you to think of two things:

- Give full powers to someone to deal with your affairs when you cannot
- Make sure you have a current patient's provision

From the way you are approaching the end, I am pretty sure you have already done so. But I just want to make sure. It can really take a lot of burden from your daughter and other relatives.

Making a live-or-death decision for a loved one is really, really hard.

Concerning your daughter: you may want to leave her letters (one per year until 18) describing how you experienced live at her age back then. Just let her know how you felt, what moved you, what you loved or hated.

Comment Re:Madness (Score 1) 94

Compression is cheap if it is only of one type (e.g. videos). General purpose compression is much more difficult (you have first to determine the best algorithm).

On networks the lack of compression is also due to the fact that both sides need to have it and those may far apart (spatial as well as economical). But it is used increasingly nonetheless.

You have to have dedicated hardware for it. With current equipment it cannot be done properly (NVidia has some of it in their SHIELD approach (detached second screen).

Comment Re:Madness (Score 1) 94

a) Compression would probably even reduce power consumption. (De)Compression is an inexpensive task if not done by a G/CPU but a specialized chip. The power consumption of a monitor is determined by size and brightness. The rest is a rounding error ;-).

b) Costs for a chip to do the compression would be 1$ if we look at the costs for HD/4K streams (for which most TV sets already have decoding chips).

The only thing i am unsure of: latency. You need have a progressive compression that will not increase the latency. That is not my area of expertise but is certainly doable.

Comment Madness (Score 1) 94


It is madness to increase of the data rate in video signals even further. A monitor cable transmitting 32.4 gbps is not a good solution. It is something engineers can boast about but it also limits cable lengths and makes them more expensive. Trying to get 4K UHD over 20m is as expensive as a PC and the display together.

Instead they should adapt and norm low-latency compression methods for the transmission of video signals. 1 gbps should be more than enough to transport an 8K UHD signal with 100Hz (and without any gamer noticing a difference).

The inclusion of DSC is a good start but is seems to be just a sidekick.ï

Comment I can understand (Score 3, Informative) 111

I am working for a small (65 employees) company in Europe that serves customers with locations around the world. Of those locations that we have to deal with, Brazil is the worst nightmare.

Money (taxes, customs duties) is a solvable problem: it just costs the customer more. But getting definitive answers about the process, reliable delivery schedules or any kind of planning dependability is extremely hard. Due to the bureaucratic overhead, nobody there wants to deal with it.

I would rather skip the business than ruining our reputation through uncontrollable external influence.

Comment Terrorists (Score 5, Insightful) 1350

Terrorists are people, who feel more threatened by a drawing than by drones,
Terrorists are people, who fear small girls with books more than death,
Terrorists are people, who use bullets because their mind cannot work with words,
they are not scared by torture or surveillance, but truth and freedom.

"The urge to destroy is also a creative urge." -- Bakunin [ed. note - I would say: The urge to destroy may sometimes be a creative urge.]