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Comment Think outside the box (er, chair) - try a standup (Score 2) 154

After three decades of programming from a chair, I switched to a stand-up desk this year. It is better for health, posture, and programming focus. It takes discipline but there is a payoff, especially for us older coders. I still do laptop coding around my family from comfy chairs, but I'm now upright for the hard-core office work.

Comment Beware mod-pagespeed (Score 1) 121

I installed mod-pagespeed recently on a server, and it had some unintended results to put it mildly.

Initial page-loads were slower, as perhaps page-speed was analyzing each page and figuring out an optimization plan. However, that wasn't the worst problem: mod-pagespeed sometimes BROKE javascript code. It attempted to combine and minify javascript files and code, and modern web browsers started producing javascript errors and not working as expected.

Needless to say, mod-pagespeed was immediately removed from our server. I expect that the Cotendo CDN will also have these sorts of issues, which will drive website owners and developers crazy. It will be interesting to see how major content providers react when their content breaks because of the CDN.

Matthew Clark

Comment Why not improve the slide show? (Score 1) 73

Here's an improved slide show with nicer transitions and other features:

The Ajax-based library is open source, and easier and cheaper than Flash development. Since you don't need Flash, it also works on iPhones/iPodTouch and is not thwarted by Flash-blockers.

Disclaimer: I wrote it and put this library in the public domain.

Matt Clark

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