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Comment Not having benefits when you're retired is tough (Score 4, Interesting) 214

1. No sick days (I'm sick? Meh?)
2. No vacation (Every day is a vacation day.)
3. No holidays off (Yup, no MLK day off. I'm already home.)
4. No "medical benefits" since I get Medicare anyway.*
5. No FICA taken from my paycheck. (They send ME a check.)
6. No "retirement" (Well, actually, I AM retired.)
7. No committee meetings to discuss strategic plans.
8. No free coffee.
9. No office parties.
10. No boss.

So if I choose to work for Uber, I don't NEED no steenking benefits. I work when I want, pick up a few bucks. End of story. Please don't cry for me. I do not need your sympathy.

*Medicare doesn't pay everything, 'tis true. So?

Comment Re:You want to cheat on your wife? (Score 1) 228

In what "marriage contract" does it say, "You may not "cheat" on your spouse."? I looked around and I couldn't find this "marriage contract" of which you speak. Will you please show me where I signed on the dotted line? I've observed some marriages where the Preacher Man says something like, "you shall foresake all others" as part of the vows, but certainly not all, and you could make a case for this being a pretty vague and unenforceable clause.

But the fact is, the vows are a religious issue and "marriage" in terms of the legalities (marriage license, resulting common properties, etc.) make no mention of "cheating" being any sort of legal violation.

In order to "break" a contract, you must have a contract to break, a clause that can empirically shown to be agreed to and violated. But the only such "contract" is in your imagination.

Which means you are completely full of shit.

Comment They won't disappear; they'll just hide (Score 1) 289

Phone numbers may very well disappear, but there will still be some sort of "number" that ties you to whatever communications device you are using, even though it may be hidden. Just like right now on your Smartphone when you hit the "Call Mom" button. You may not even know the phone number, but it's still used. Call it another name if you like, like a userid, but it will still be there in one form or another.

Comment Re:Grease can be used as fuel. Why would you dump (Score 1) 189

And diesel costs about $3.00 a gallon in the area, so using your own figures making biodiesel production a VERY shaky proposition. Why go to the considerable trouble and mess to make biodiesel when you can get it from the hose for the same price? Plus it won't freeze up on you at 32 degrees F. Biodiesel will, and it doesn't take that long. I had it happen to me when I ran Bio in my Duramax. You should have seen the fuel filter--completely clogged with a viscous mess.

Perhaps it is you who does not have a clue here. The original poster is correct.

Comment Followed directions here: seems to work (Score 1) 720

After reading the first hundred or so messages in this thread I decided it was time to tackle this issue once and for all. I did this on three different machines all running Win 7. YMMV but this appears to work.

1. Turn off auto updates
2. Uninstall KB3035583
3. Restart
4. Uninstall KB3035583 again (2nd time)
5. Restart
6. Uninstall KB3035583 again (3rd time)
7. Restart
8. Check for Updates. It will show KB3035583
9. Hide KB3035583

I know it's a little strange, but that damned update needed to be uninstalled three times before I could get it to gone. The first time I thought I might have mis-remembered exactly what I did, but by the third machine it was a definite pattern.


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