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Comment: Re:Don't. (Score 1) 408 friend of mine has a smaller dog who rolls over to get his belly rubbed for anyone. but if the front door is closed and he hears something outside, he goes nuts barking. he also barks at the wind blowing, his shadow, and when we open the door and wake him from his nap. and the A/C unit coming on. and when i move too suddenly when he's asleep on my lap.

Comment: don't be afraid (Score 1) 172

by mrzaph0d (#46936147) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Beginner To Intermediate Programming Projects?

to start something you're not sure you can finish. i wrote a framework in perl to generate some pdf reports, complete with graphs and automated text. took me quite a while, and a lot of "i'll come back to this part later". i went from the script being used to piece together bash/shell commands, to it doing everything.

but the point is, i kept at it. taking a little part at a time and futzing around with it till it worked a little better.

Comment: Re:Lots of hot smart chicks (Score 3, Funny) 265

well, at first they had all the lights on to not scare the chicks away, but that made it worse. they've now calculated the lighting level to allow them to get as close as possible to the girls before they sense something's wrong and bolt from the room.

i think the next step is to be able to raise and lower the lights as the girls enter and move about the room, allowing them to get even closer.

Comment: Re:Eh, that's it? (Score 1) 619

by mrzaph0d (#43181131) Attached to: Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S4

I've never understood the need to have a phone last weeks on a single charge.

For me, usually when I'm having a really long day, it corresponds with using my phone a lot. Like a day stuck in the emergency room for a family member. I'd already had a full day's use of the phone, then spent the next 8 hours having to call family and friends about what was going on. My phone had already gotten normal use that day, so it was at about 30% when I left for the hospital. The brief charge it got on the way took it to about 40%, but with all the calls, texts, etc. by the time we were done the phone had been dead for 3 hours. I've taken to stashing a USB battery charger in the car. It stays plugged in, and can throw a full charge into my phone when needed.

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by mrzaph0d (#39930747) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Option For Printing Digital Photos?

if you're doing it just for your son, maybe. but i know some people still have relatives that aren't constantly at their computer. one of our grandparents turns her computer on once a month to do bills. for her, on dialup, she's not willing to spend time looking at tiny thumbnails to determine which pics to download to look at. instead, we print a pack of 20-30 every once in awhile, and send them to her or bring them with us. she loves them, especially because she can stick them on her fridge, take them to work, etc. and she knows and understand that if she loses them, its not a big deal because we've still got the digital versions at home.

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by mrzaph0d (#39570301) Attached to: Polish Government To Deliver Free Textbooks For All Kids Grades 4-6
I can just imagine what it would be like to teach a class in American schools where half the kids don't even have a copy of the book.

no imagination necessary, just go to any inner city school. but that's not too bad, the teacher just ends up giving the textbooks to the half that can actually read.

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by mrzaph0d (#39243447) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Using Company Laptop For Personal Use
competent enough to install Linux or their own custom Windows image on there

I had this happen once. the "competent" user installed a pirated version of windows over the company image, didn't bother to put AV on there (which would have been included in the company image), had a partition with ISOs of at least a dozen pirated software packages (big ones, not joe blow's nifty gadget 1.0), and managed to infect his machine very badly before we caught it on the network and shut him down. i've still got his hard drive mounted on a plaque in my office.

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by mrzaph0d (#38126238) Attached to: How To Get Into an Elite Comp-Sci Program

yep, this is part of the problem. so many jobs are lumped together as "IT". I get umpteen million offers for network engineering, when i've never configured a router (other than my wireless one). but because my resume has something about understanding networking, i get those requests to apply.

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