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Comment: Not too evil (Score 2, Insightful) 265

by mrybczyn (#33240808) Attached to: Google Responds To Net Neutrality Reviews

First the Communist Party search "compromise", now the carrier traffic shaping "compromise". The road to hell is paved with compromises... Good luck cashing in while you can, Googlies, hustle while you can, get out while the getting is good. You had a good run, about the same as the average young and principled politician, I imagine.

Comment: Re:chess and go aren't np-hard, but they are also (Score 1) 322

by mrybczyn (#31793042) Attached to: All the Best Games May Be NP-Hard

Speaking of Erik Demaine, he has an excellent algorithms course on OCW:

Well worth watching on video!

Some of the lectures (such as the first one) are by Leiserson, but Demaine's are a treat.

Comment: Re:Gotta be a Chinese military virus. (Score 1) 141

by mrybczyn (#31099560) Attached to: Experts Closing In On Google Attack Coders

Neuromancer is a book written by a time traveller. There is no other explanation. How could a guy in the 70's have seen the future so clearly?

Funny how Gibson's later works have gone off on less prophetic tangents. I guess genius only lasts a little while.

If you're at all interested in technology, society, culture, scifi, the near future, science, or ninjas, you must read it, or audio book it on your iGroan:

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