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Submission + - Best Meteor Shower This Year

LittleRedStar writes: This Wednesday night and Thursday morning is the peak of the Geminid meteor shower. This is the typically the best meteor show of the year with up to 100 meteors per hour. This year the moon is a nuisance but with the peak predicted for early Thursday morning it is worth getting out and watching. Since the perseid meteor shower was washed out from the moon and the Leonids were a bust this should be the best for 2006.

Submission + - Wireless Sensor bar for Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii News writes: "The Nintendo Wii has the revolutionary Wiimote controller but came with a Wired sensorbar but thats all to change with the release of a Wireless Sensor Bar for Nintendo`s new console. The bar is powered by a 9 volt battery that lasts for 48 hours plus, it features an on and off button to preserve battery life and has the same compatability and features as the wired version."

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