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Comment Re:Too much hype about driverless cars (Score 1) 211

It drives me crazy when a driver will suddenly press their brakes for no reason. Traffic could be reduced if people followed some basic principles. Don't press your brakes unless you're going to stop. If you need to slow down take your foot of the accelerator. Maintain safe following distances. Don't weave in and out of traffic. Drive with the flow of traffic.

Comment Re:Not all coding requires the same skill set (Score 1) 397

People tend to mixup programming and computer science. There's a reason the degree isn't called programming. Programming in some ways is a byproduct of computer science. Basically the applied science. Computer science is focused more on the science and theory of computation. Understanding what problems are solvable and the best ways to solve them. Software engineering is also something different.

Comment Re:CS Education (Score 1) 397

And CS is not only programming it is also about inquiring customers, deriving requirements, features, planning, software design, combined with topics like continuous integration and delivery, software evolution, product lines, version control, documentation (real documentation not the shit most people write which contains the same information as the code) etc. And you should understand the application domains you code for.

I think you're mixing up CS with software engineering. CS degrees generally don't cover those things in detail. That's the kind of thing you mostly learn on the job.

Comment Re:Here we go again (Score 1) 142

If drivers were more disciplined there wouldn't be as much slack space needed. I wish more drivers could figure out how to drive at the minimum following distance and only press brakes when necessary. Alot of times taking the foot of the accelerator is good enough to slow down. I don't think many drivers understand what effect their actions has on the traffic around them.

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