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Submission + - Microsoft serves takedown notices to videos not infringing on anything (wired.com)

mrnick writes: Microsoft serves youtube takedown notices on many youtube videos that do not appear to have any DRM issue. They say there was an algorithm problem and that non offending notices will be removed. The premise was that these videos had embedded windows keys in the comments. Is the video creator responsible for the comments on their video?

Comment Crime is not going away! (Score 1) 753

Criminals are not going away, ever... If there is a system they will find a way around it, through it, or profit from it. If the system is so locked down to keep that from happening a new system will be built to support vice.

People want what they want, regardless of the legal or morality of said things. To think it can been eliminated by getting rid of cash is just naive.

Comment They still sell service, just not run new fiber (Score 3, Informative) 202

I live in the Boston area, Marlborough, and FiOS is still in business and selling FiOS. What they won't do is run new fiber to a building that doesn't already have it. They still advertise trying to get people to connect that do have the fiber already ran.

I have moved twice and have been able to purchase FiOS is both locations.

So, unless the commercial talks about running cable the argument doesn't make much since.

Comment Stop worrying about other peoples lives! (Score 1) 621

It's WELL within the parent's rights to ignore ratings, be unaware of them, or simply not to care about the ratings.

Who cares? Mind your own business! It's not your job to police the morality of others, we have plenty of laws to take care of that.

How is it that so many people have nothing to worry about in their own house that they have to start telling me how I should live in mine? I'm getting sick of it!

Comment if something happens shutdown and wait (Score 1) 604

It depends, if the bus is empty or full of kids. This is just one example... I doubt there will ever be enough information to program for all circumstances . It will be more like if something happens shutdown and wait for human instruction on how to proceed. Wouldn't there be a network in which the robotic cars could warn others in time to avoid having to make such choice in the first place?

Also, I do not think it will be the gap between how safely an automated vehicle drives as compared to a human counterpart that will stop humans from driving. I think humans will stop driving so it would allow for automated vehicles to drive safely, since there will be less data to take into consideration if all the vehicles are using the same exact operational procedures.

We should automate vehicles to take over the mundane tasks of driving the vehicle and leave the decision making to the human operator. We are the highest order of intelligence for making such decisions (thus far).

Submission + - GoDaddy's DNS Servers Down, Hacked by Anonymous? (mashable.com)

mrnick writes: "After noticing that my domain could not be resolved, I checked whois and then queried GoDaddy's DNS directly. I received no response so I tried to login to their control panel, but their page did not load either.

Doing a quick Google I found an article that states GoDaddy is aware of the problem and trying to fix it. The article goes on to describe tweets that seem to indicate that this is the result of an Anonymous attack.

If this is true, this is the first time an Anonymous attack has affected me directly. My site is not hosted at GoDaddy, but I have my domain registered there. Ugh!"


Submission + - 19 year old squatted at AOL for 2 months (cnet.com)

mrnick writes: "Eric Simons, 19 years old, was working at incubator, Imagine K2, in Silicon Valley and when his grant money ran out he moved into the office. He slept on a couch, took showers and washed clothes in the office gym, and ate for free in the cafeteria all the while working on his new start-up. He was able to get away with this for two months before being discovered by security guard."

Comment Follow the Money! (Score 1) 130

Google is no more Evil than any company out there trying to make a buck. Do they care about their users? Sure, but only up to the point where it hurts the bottom line to do so.

This new tactic moves along the same line as their view on SEO. Do they want to make it more difficult to obtain better ranking in their site? Yes, but only to the point where they make it easier to pay to get better position within listings.

Is this new process for handling SSL information biased towards their paying customers? Obviously, they are looking to differentiate their free and paid service. If this were to move into larger deployment, say all users (logged in or not), they would be able to offer, as a premium, to their paying customers rereferer data exclusively.

Follow the money! Does the fact that Google is out there to make a buck surprise anyone? I understand that's their goal and I don't consider them to be Evil because of it.

With that said it seems clear that they are not using standard SSL and therefore they should not be able to advertise that their site uses SSL or HTTPS, IMHO.

Comment Computer Science = applied mathematics (Score 1) 315

At the core of Computer Science is Applied Mathematics but I didn't figure this out until I started graduate studies. Undergraduate was all programming.

Rarely what someone studies at university becomes what they are employed as. I don't work as a computer scientist, programmer, or mathematics. I work in IT, it's all a mater of circumstance.

Comment Re:As a prius driver (Score 1) 247

The difference between a gas vehicle and an electric one, in this scenario, is that fuel once pump from the ground and refined can be stored whereas electric plants have very little, if any, way to store excess electricity.

This is still a silly idea and it would be more far efficent for electric plants to find a better way to store excess power to provide electricity during peak usage times.

Maybe something like this http://hardware.slashdot.org/story/11/06/01/1549209/Using-Flywheels-to-Meet-Peak-Power-Grid-Demands

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