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Politicians swear to uphold the constitution, but then rule by the phone and pen. Also, they aren't held to account for how well they uphold the constitution- they're reelected based on votes and they care only about getting those votes- by any unethical, deceitful way necessary.

Comment: Re:Fox News? (Score 3, Informative) 682

by mrjimorg (#47271835) Attached to: IRS Recycled Lerner Hard Drive
It wasn't just her emails and hard drive, but also "6 other employees" who happen to have been corresponding with her. In fact, the only people at the IRS that is having hard drive crashes are the people who's email would provide evidence in this case. They seem to have pretty consistent hard drive issues among those with damning evidence, but no issues outside of those people.
Additionally, when her drive crashed, IT would have restored those emails from backup at that point, so even a loss of the backup isn't justification.

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by mrjimorg (#47009863) Attached to: Future of Cars: Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Or Electric?
Electricity can be (and usually is) created by burning coal at a power plant. Therefore electric vehicles are just a scam and "do nothing to improve the global environment or remove the dependence on fossil fuels while adding yet another layer of inefficiency to the energy to transportation process." You can generate the electricity in more eco-friendly ways, but you can also generate hydrogen in more eco-friendly ways, including using solar panels to generate electricity and use electrolysis to produce hydrogen. Arguably you can create diesel fuel in eco-friendly ways as well.
You need to seperate the 2 issues - generation vs storage medium. I can understand your issue with relying on Fossil fuels as a source for your energy and your desire to use alternatives (although I think you need to gain a deeper understanding of the true cost of those alternatives). However, you shouldn't let that pervert your analysis of the various storage mediums.

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by mrjimorg (#46694451) Attached to: A Bid To Take 3D Printing Mainstream
The problem is that people donated a lot of time, companies donated employees and patents, and the community put a lot of support into the Rift and THAT is what Palmer Lucky sold to Facebook. Zuckerburg could have made his own VR department and caught up technically with the Rift in a reasonable amount of time, but what he bought Occulus for community which now resents having been sold.
For instance, Minecraft for the rift was created to help support this pluckly little startup, not increase it's market cap, and the people who donated their time to that got nothing for the sale.

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by mrjimorg (#46622055) Attached to: How Facebook and Oculus Could Be a Great Combination
Virtual Tourism? Booooorriiiiiinngg. If I'm using a VR headset to go on a tour it's going to be a tour of a place that is so fantastic that it doesn't (or can't) exist in real life. Like the Taj Mahal? Why pay someone to go there and try to recreate it in simulation when an artist can make it much larger, add the hanging gardens on the side and a cliff face overlooking the ocean off the back? 2 moons (1 of which has been shattered), some amazing storms just to make it fun.

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