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Comment Re:Couldn't they end support for Windows 10, too? (Score 1) 155

I never had issues INSTALLING Linux

Neither did I, ever.

It was after the actual install, when I wanted to use the wireless card, or the sound card, or the second video card on my notebook, or wanted hibernate to work, that I incurred some serious waste of time and ended up using Linux in a VM where it works admirably. Linux is my first and only choices for servers, but on the desktop side it's still lacking, and while this could be justified in 2009, the feeling in 2015 is that that ship has since long sailed.

Comment Re:Bacula (Score 1) 118

I regularly use Bacula to back up a network of about 20 workstations and a couple of servers, plus a remote one (connected through a VPN). It's fast and reliable, if I really have to nitpick there are some quirks, though they depend mostly on lack of disk space for the backups (this is a non-profit with a tight budget) and lack of time on my side for fine-tuning the configuration. I'm really satisfied, since 2008 Bacula has saved our ass a number of times with minimal effort and maintenance.

Comment Re:Not a vulnerability in Java Commons Library (Score 2, Informative) 115

Yes, whitelisting will help, but only up to a point: unless you implement some signing mechanism or sanitize your input, there's no way you can be sure that the class com.mynamespace.whatever you're deserializing is actually not harmful, even if it apparently is in the right namespace, and has the correct method signatures.

This is just another example of a useful feature leading to a "broken by design" implementation due to an oversight in planning and coding.

Comment Re:How do they detect a VPN? (Score 1) 174

They can't, they just block commercial VPN providers, or better said, their endpoints in UK. This stops 90% of unwanted access, the other 10% is company-provided VPNs and people who set up their own servers to tunnel traffic (this is what a lot of those cheap VPSs, with little CPU and disk space are used for).

Comment Re:Well there's the problem... (Score 2) 201

Actually it's worse than that: licenses are numbered (numbers are decided by the local administration) but you cannot actually get a "new" one since the number of licenses has not been increased in many years and licenses are never given back but just transferred to other would-be drivers: the only practical way to get a taxi license is to purchase one from another driver when he/she retires or simply decides to sell it. This money is paid mostly under the table, and the US$ 100K is a low-ball estimate: in bigger cities like Rome or Milan, a license can easily go for EUR 200K.

Comment Re:On iOS platforms. (Score 2) 270

How should Apple be able to force you to use one or the other?

The same way they did when, under the old MacOS, they switched the preferred language from Pascal to C: all the documentation refers to the "new language" examples, all data structures are listed in the "new language" formats, some information needed for compatibility with the "old language" is omitted or brushed under the carpet, some data structures will favor the "new language" (e.g. C vs Pascal strings in system calls), etc.

Of course it will take time but they can do it, no doubt about that.

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