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Comment: Re:Effort dilution (Score 1) 254

by mridoni (#48537365) Attached to: Node.js Forked By Top Contributors

The Atari ST had two things over the Amiga: a built-in MIDI port and a high-res (for the time) B/W video mode. It found itself a couple of nice niches (digital music and DTP) for all those who couldn't afford a Macintosh. In every other respect, especially after the introduction of the 2000 model, which was fully expandable, the Amiga was far superior.

Comment: Re:geo-blocking (Score 1) 363

by mridoni (#47859873) Attached to: BBC: ISPs Should Assume VPN Users Are Pirates

So - why should you get the BBC content for free when you've not contributed to the costs of producing it in the first place?

No problem, I have my credit card handy, just cut this crap and let me pay if I want to view some content on BBC but I don't live in UK. Simply put, I can't, due to idiotic geographical restrictions (and no, the international version of iPlayer simply isn't worth what it costs).

For the sake of fairness, this also applies to any other country and their broadcasters.

Comment: Re:Dell makes some decent stuff (Score 1) 408

by mridoni (#42312125) Attached to: Dell Gives Android the Boot, Boots Up More Windows 8

In 2006 I got an Inspiron 6400, and almost seven years later I think the only way to stop the damn thing is to throw it into a garbage compactor: In all this time I had to change the display bezel (20 US$) , and the original battery is down to one hour of capacity, but the machine is absolutely rock-solid, to the point that my other (brand-new) notebook is used a lot less than I expected.

Comment: Re:Greengrocers apostrophe? (Score 2) 214

by mridoni (#41892251) Attached to: Skype Hands Teenager's Information To Private Firm

Why do have so many people problems accepting there are non-native English speakers? It's not difficult.

Actually, as a native English speaker living in Germany, I find Germans make these kinds of errors significantly less than native English speakers.

This can be easily explained: English as a foreign language is usually taught in primary schools and (also) in written form. Native speakers learn the basics of the language when they're little kids from their parents before they are able to write. Even when you start going to school, verbal communication is still used more (think of how many words you say during your day, even for insignificants tasks, and how many you write). If this kind of spelling mistakes are not corrected by teachers or parents, they can be easily carried on to adult age, especially for people whose daily occupation doesn't involve a lot of writing.

Comment: Re:"mis-conception" (Score 2) 323

by mridoni (#40714029) Attached to: Microsoft Taking Heat For Five-Figure Xbox 360 'Patch Fee'

The problem here is that, according to TFA, the developer pocketed about 1 million dollars in sales. If he even gets to keep 30% of that, after paying fees and commissions to Microsoft and taxes, it's about 300,000 US$. I understand that paying (again) a hefty certification fee sucks, but certainly we're not talking about a teenager working out of his basement.

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