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Comment: Re:So, what does that make the record ? (Score 2) 189

by mrg17 (#48763031) Attached to: White House Responds To Petition To Fire Aaron Swartz's Prosecutor

I would like to see a bit more comment on whether the statement starting "Consistent with the terms we laid out when we began We the People" is true in response - if it is then srely the complains should be able the terms rather than about the response to this petition?

Comment: Re:What about capital gains or dividents? (Score 1) 386

by mrg17 (#46756983) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

Not all higher rate tax payers have to do a return either. (Then again with gift aid and pension contributions relief even defining a higher rate tax payer can get complex - there was a big fuss recently over child benefit and the fact a particular claw back only applied to net relevant earnings rather than all earnings)

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