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+ - Ask Slashdot: Supplementing a Non-CS Degree to Enter the Programming Field

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "I have a question about trying to supplement a non-CS degree with CS related skills. Right now I have a BA in a study that involves a mix of art and technology. That is partial 3d modeling and partial programming, but really no advanced mathematics. My goal was to try and get into the game industry, but after nearly two years of trying without any luck I am broke and need an escape plan.

Can anyone recommend what someone should focus on that would like to try and shift to getting a job in the programming field? Right now I basically know Java and some C++ (the program decided to change programming languages midway through). I'm not excellent at them, but I understand the basic principles of OOP. What fields are viable for someone like myself? What language should I focus on trying to master? Are there any sort of programs or certificates that mean something? Is it even an option for someone in their early thirties like myself? Going back for a BS is not an option as there is absolutely no way I can pay for it or go even more in debt on the off chance someone gives me a loan.

Hopefully this hits the main page so I can try to plug my sinking ship. Either way, thanks for taking a look."

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