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Comment: Re:LOL (Score 1) 413

"It's the analog stages and clean implementation & power supply which makes a difference"

That certainly helps. But I'm not convinced it's the whole story.

Monty's write up is interesting, what I'd like to see next is a similar setup but with two high frequency sine waves: the first sinewave has a fixed frequency and the second sinewave varies in frequency around the first.

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by mrclevesque (#45008991) Attached to: You're Invited: Take a Look At Slashdot's New Beta

At first scan,

I immediately changed to classic view because the new view involves too much scrolling to scan the stories and I want to see the text, so headlines only is no good.

I feel there is not enough contrast between each story's background and the page background. It doesn't take a lot, a bit more contrast would do.

How do I manage what comments I see ?

The page width in the comments is not wide enough.

The right column is too wide (but story and comment width seem ok if I reduce the width of my browser : the right column appears to go to the bottom of the page).


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by mrclevesque (#43154355) Attached to: What If Manning Had Leaked To the New York Times?

the infamous "helicopter video" they'd have published the whole thing instead of editing it down to make it look worse like Assange did. And before the fanboys downmod me YES that's what happened, he admitted to it, and later published the entire video. Which you can still view on Wikileaks but the site "collateralmurder" still links to the edited version.

The edited video does not seem dishonest, it does not change the message in a significant manner, and as you said they did publish the full raw footage. And the website you mention has both videos up and a third version with commentary by US soldiers.

Do you have any other footage, or links ?

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by mrclevesque (#42390237) Attached to: FDA Closer To Approving Biotech Salmon

From the link : "Granted, RNA may be less stable, but I'm not at all surprised we find it in the blood after a meal."

"But it's as safe as any other food."

Old ones [food stuff involving DNA recombinations] and each new one need to be tested with more stringent standards, for longer terms, and by more independent researchers in more independent labs.

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