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Comment Re:It's a TRAP! (Score 3, Insightful) 312

Oh Please! Sweden showed it was nothing but the USA's bitch when the Ecuadorian diplomat made it clear that all they had to do was agree they wouldn't ship him to the USA and they promptly REFUSED.

Do you REALLY believe they went to all this trouble for a rape charge where the "victim" not only didn't call the cops while he was sound asleep in the bed, but instead actually went out, bought groceries, and then made him breakfast, really? If you but that horseshit I have a bridge you might be interested in.

We all know that if Assange tried to go back to Sweden he'd never get to touch Swedish ground, they would divert the plane in the air to the USA where he would get stuck in Gitmo as an "example" of what happens when you dare to not bow down. they even have a name for this, its called a "rendition ride", look it up.

Comment Re:DO NOT WANT (Score 1) 55

Uhhh not trivial? I'll just leave this here then but will note he is taking his time, I've seen a basic unit thrown together no problem in under 20 minutes flat, hell it takes longer for Windows to update than it does to throw together a PC now!

BTW it took me under an hour from putting the parts on the table to Windows install, and I had FOUR hard drives, TWO Optical drives, and an R9 280 GPU. I guess you haven't seen a PC case lately, everything but the really cheap shit is tool-less, just pop out slider, put in drive, slide back in, and the backplate even has really big letters indicating where to put the motherboard, m for microATX and A for ATX. I mean good lord my wife put together her own PC and she still has trouble figuring out the microwave, the only thing I had to show her was how to use a cable tie to clean up the cable runs, that was it.

If you haven't put together a PC lately? Its insane how easy it is now, there really is nothing to it anymore. I remember the old days when it was easy to get things to go in the wrong way but it just isn't like that anymore, its all pictures and slider drive cages and you don't even have to know what hardware you have or find drivers anymore as Windows does that FOR you, its crazy stupid easy bud.

Comment Re:Corporate deployments? (Score 1) 180

We were talking about the mass market, IE consumers. Now if you ask me about corporate adoption of Chromebooks?...Yeah I could see that, once upon a time I used to admin thin clients like the Sun Ray and these would be just an update of the thin client in an easier to setup package. It would be a great corporate fit if they can tie it into their own servers and bypass Google completely (wouldn't want to try dealing with SOX or HIPPA with a Google controlled Chromebook) but if you can pull that off? Its a cheap thin client laptop, and in corporate environments having a full OS not only really isn't required but is more of a risk. So could ARM Chromebooks become a hit in corporate? I would argue that the performance hit that ARM takes over X86 would make it a hard sell but corporate Chromebooks? Wouldn't be a hard sell at all.

But home users? They don't know what an OS is (the closest I have ever gotten from a customer that wasn't a geek when I asked what OS they were running was "Windows Something", most don't even know that, some have even said Dell or Intel), they don't understand that programs are written for specific OSes (to them there is really only one desktop and laptop, and that is Windows. Anything else is "broken") or there is different CPUs that limit what you can run, or that Android is anything but "something that runs on cellphones". So in that critical high dollar market? Yeah...nooo. Best you could hope for was a quick fad followed by a huge drop, see how many sites are selling BOGOF deals on the low end tablets because they can't move them anymore, too many are gathering dust in sock drawers, or if these cost more than $100? They'll be a mound at the return desk.

Again I've been dealing with customers for...damn has it really been 30 years? And if you don't understand the market you are screwed, and when it comes to PCs its all about the programs and GUI, and the users expect everything they run now (which is all Windows programs, I have yet to see somebody come in that didn't have SOME Windows programs they require the PC to run) to run on any new unit, when it doesn't? They are NOT happy and they will quickly come for a refund.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 4, Insightful) 180

1.- Its a laptop as far as users are concerned, in fact I never sold a single one at the shop where anybody called them anything but laptops. If you think users will "cut you a break" because its ARM? News Flash they don't know a CPU from a HDD, they WILL expect it to do every.single.thing. your average laptop in Walmart does? When it don't? Hello return desk.

2.- Go look on your local CL under Chromebooks, News Flash they are already being dumped en masse because to steal a line from a former POTUS "Its the programs stupid!". People see a Chromebook, and again I cannot stress this enough users have no fucking clue what an OS is and all they know is "I use Google at home, it says it is from Google, so I can do everything I can do at home" and after a couple of weeks of finding out that is NOT the case? Hello Craigslist. I just looked on mine, they have a pile of 'em in the $70 range and most have been there awhile, know what that tells me? The users are treating them just as they treated those cheap tablets, they use it a few weeks, find it wanting, and get rid of it.

3.-...Sigh, how hard is it to understand? YOU know what an OS is, know who don't? THE VAST MAJORITY OF CONSUMERS that is who! They aren't gonna know WTF an "Android" is because, and I bet my last fucking dollar damned near everyone of them will say "that is for cellphones" and is that a cellphone? Nope its a laptop and therefor should do what laptops should do which according to Joe and Jane is RUN WINDOWS PROGRAMS, when it don't? Hi return desk, I'd like to return this?

4.-GPUs...Will these GPUs run all those Winhdows programs that Joe and Jane WILL expect it to run, because that IS what runs on the laptops at Walmart? No? Then nobody will have a single fuck to give, next!

5.-Windows 10? Yeah that is why you are extra fucked as again Joe and Jane have not a single fuck to give about rumors of spying, data collection, all that shit means nothing, for fucks sake they blab their sex lives on FB! What they DO care about very much is Windows 10 LOOKS like Windows 7, and all their programs run on it just fine. Ya know what I do to Windows 8 PCs brought into the shop with users demanding I "fix it"? I slap in classic shell, voila! That'll be $50 and they hand it over with a big happy smile on their face because all they care about is the GUI and form factor and if its a laptop that LOOKS like Windows 7? Well they are just happy campers and Win 10? Looks like Windows 7.

All of these points you are bringing up? Yeah its pretty damned obvious that you have NEVER worked retail or you would know that Joe user? He don't even know WTF those words even mean! An Operating System? CPU? GPU? What are those? If its a cellphone it should act like a cellphone, a laptop should act like a laptop, which means it should look and act like Windows. Mark my words, feel free to bookmark this post, when these flop I'll sure as hell be dropping links to this as a big giant TOLD YA SO because I have been working retail since the Shat sold Vic 20s with TJ Hooker hair and I KNOW how consumers think, and this? Ain't gonna work.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 0) 180

Except this is retarded either way. Linux on netbooks? It has been done and saw a 400% higher return rate than Windows on the same device, why? Simple people don't give a shit about the OS but they DO care about THEIR PROGRAMS. Their programs don't run? You might as well give them an Emu and tell them to do their computing on that for all the good it'll do 'em.

As for ARM on laptops? Pick your test, you'll see that the BEST chips that ARM has to offer in 2015 cannot compete with the first gen C2D chips from 2007 in performance, they just can't. The simple fact that ARM fans don't want to accept is ARM doesn't scale and once you start ramping up the cycles or adding cores to up the performance? Well there went your power budget, you'd be better off with the new Intel Atom chips that frankly curbstomp the living shit out of the latest greatest ARM chips. Like it or not, despite all these companies just throwing money at it, ARM simply doesn't scale performance wise worth a shit, it just don't. It is simply easier for Intel and AMD to lower the power on their APUs than it is for ARM to scale up their IPC because the performance gap is just so great.

So sorry Linus but you are wrong, as the only thing ARM has to offer is cheap and as we saw with first the netbook craze and then the tablet craze that people will put up with cheap = lousy performance for only a VERY limited time and then they chunk the things, hell I've had so many trying to practically give me cheap ARM tablets, nobody wants the things, the same will be true of Linux ARM netbooks/laptops. Folks will take 'em home, try to run their Windows programs (because again they don't know WTF an OS is) and when it don't work? The store is gonna have a fricking mound of the things in the return pile. No store is gonna put up with that for long so they'll dump 'em and never buy another and that will be the end of that. Sorry Linus, no sale.

Comment Re:DO NOT WANT (Score 1) 55

Wow are you REALLY this dumb, or are you just a console tard? Lets see 1.- Tigerdirect is one of the largest e-tailers in North America, 2.- There are vids of 6 year olds putting together PCs, fuck they come with instructions that use pictures so you don't even need to be able to read (should be great for you) 3.- Windows 10 IS FREE, just type "Windows 10 for free" and you can get the Insider version for a whole $0, and are you really too fucking dumb to know how to fill out a fucking envelope and mail in your receipt, really?

BTW if you are dumber than the 6 year old or so fat you can't actually see your wee-wee and therefor are incapable of bending over to use a screwdriver? You can pick up an A-10 APU PC for $479 and the upgrades you to a TB drive and gives you Windows 8.1. All you have to do is flip the switch...think you are capable of that, or do you need to have somebody draw you a picture?

Comment Re:DO NOT WANT (Score 3, Informative) 55

Except that "You need a gaming beast PC" has been a myth for quite awhile now, hell you can play battlefield 4 on an AMD A10 7850k,which you can get in kit form for $345 after MIR, that is "Walmart PC" territory. Just slap on the free edition of Windows 10 and voila! $350 PC that will play most games at 30FPS, even comes with an SSD.

That is of course if your PC is truly ancient and you want a new PC, if its less than 7 years old or you don't mind going to Craigslist? You can get a gaming PC for just stupid cheap. The cheapest gaming PC was one I set up for a single mom down the hall as a favor, cost? $150! I just picked up a C2Q PC off of CL with 4GB of RAM, Windows 7 and a 500GB HDD (cost $75) and then $75 for an HD7750. He plays TF2 and other online shooters at 30FPS+ with no issue and since most games don't use quads to their full capability they can always pop in a $100 GPU in a year or two and keep right on gaming.

So the "beat PC for gaming" is just a myth, its for guys that care more about bench scores than game scores.

Comment Re:Acceptable ads? (Score 5, Insightful) 259

Exactly. During the early days most of us had NO problem with ads because they weren't being assholes. They had simple .txt, maybe a .jpg or if they wanted to be fancy a .gif, and since it was first party it was actually relevant to the site and usually the site host had good experiences shopping there.....then came the MBAs, Masters of Being Assholes.

First came the pop ups, then came the ads blocking content, then came loud as hell sound blaring, then Java (in fact the reason I originally started advising customers to remove Java was early Java ads) and then came Flash, now look at what we have...want to make a PC so safe you can remove the AV and be just fine? Block ALL ads and watch infections disappear. Last figures I saw had malware ads causing something like 96 out of every 100 infections, nothing else came close.

And to all those that say "we need ads to have the web, boo hoo" I'll say the exact same thing I said to Jim Sterling that got me banned from The Escapist when he was being their apologist, I produced links showing how many times The Escapist had shown malware ads and said..."are you gonna be responsible for the damage you cause? Are you gonna pay to clean their PCs, have a watch put on their CC numbers? Gonna pay them for the lost hours dealing with resetting passwords and cleaning up the messes YOU CAUSED with your ads?" You want to be treated like REAL journalists and stores? Fine and dandy because they pay when they are hacked sometimes to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars like TJ Maxx when their system got hacked.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too ad pushers, either you step up to the plate and claim responsibility and pay for the damages when YOUR ADS cause damage or you have a heaping cup of STFU when users do the only smart and sensible thing and block the largest source of malware their PCs can possibly see.

Comment Re:there is only one (Score 1) 488

The GOP will never let ANY Paul have a shot, just as they are trying their damnedest to get trump to sign a pledge that he won't run as an independent so they can find an excuse to kick him out the race, all they want is corporate booty kissers that don't have a chance in hell.

With that criteria it will probably be Bush (no chance in hell) or Rubio (less than no chance in hell) because that is what they want, somebody that will scream about "entitlements" and how the rich are paying too much and the poor are just lazy for not being willing to work in a cancer city like they do in China for $5 a day.

So I'd say the best bet at a non spy loving POTUS would be Sanders, didn't think he would have a chance just a few months ago but apparently the press hates Hillary as much as they loved Bill so he is getting tons of good press and shooting up the polls, so he may have a real shot at the brass ring.

"Stupidity, like virtue, is its own reward" -- William E. Davidsen