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Comment: Re:I'm sure there is a drought in space joke somew (Score 1) 103 103

Actually, unmanned craft can reach outer planets by using gravity slingshots around inner planets. (Cassini probe for example) Esentially, you would first aim for Venus where you have enough solar power and use it's gravity to change course and gain some dV towards the outer planets.

Comment: Re:and apparently... (Score 2) 425 425

The guy lives so much more humbly that its hard to think if he is as crazy as western media shows him or is there more going on. The country is making progress in spite of all the sanctions. Not sure if its the Iranian media spin but the guy sits and eats simple foods on a mat on the floor, sleeps on the floor.

I don't know which one is propaganda, this video or if the western media, or if there is a Jackal and Hyde going on here.

Hitler was a vegetarian and didn't drink alcohol... His country prospered after his rise to power (until all out war broke out)... Didn't make him a particularly good guy, did it?

Comment: Re:Which is why... (Score 1) 185 185

As a general rule, the only way to build something large and complex that works is to grow it from something small and simple that works.

Which is why the Saturn V booster used in the Apollo 11 mission to the moon was built out of Legos.

-- Terry

I find you couldn't be more wrong... I don't see it feasible building Saturn V without first making: small test rockets-> V2 -> Atlas -> Titan -> Saturn V (this is not meant to be 100% accurate line, but you get the point) ...

Comment: Re:Anyone should be free to decide (Score 1) 326 326

After all, open source was created to free people from proprietary code and people telling them what they can't do.

Actually "open source" was coined as a more business friendly alternative to "free software". All free software is open source , but it can't be said other way around. As for GPL - it is not an open source license - it is free (as in freedom not price) software license. That said, I believe that BSD and LGPL have their place and purpose (libraries, standardized protocols...), just as GPL does (end user software). GPL is like democracy (as opposed to anarchy) - you are given freedom (by people who put an effort into writing free software), but that freedom stops at the point where it would take the same freedom away from others.

Comment: Re:Dissapointing (Score 1) 187 187

But not surprising. Sometimes, I think the FSF is a bit too idealistic with calling for every program to be open source and have the "essential freedoms", but in this case, they are totally in the right. I for one, am severely disappointed in my childhood's favorite company.

They are not calling for every program to be open source. That is another group. They are calling for all software to be 'free as in freedom'.

Comment: Re:Why start being correct now? (Score 2) 1277 1277

It's stupidly easy to define "republic". It means there's representation of the people in government. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no implied meaning beyond that, like "elected" representation, or "appointed" representation. Recently Egypt was a republic, Rome was a republic, the US is a republic.

Because, for example, UK has representation of people in the government, and is not a republic.

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