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Comment Where are the new mail indicators on the folders? (Score 1) 272

Well, I love tbird, but this release has some big issues for me. They've sacrificed too much message viewing space with tab bar and enlarged header display. These things should be configurable (I need to check advanced config properties). But ok, I could live with that. The grouped inboxes are nice.


They have broken the new mail indicator on folders. WHY??? WHYYYYYYYYYY????? Argh!!!! The best feature of tbird is gone. How could they commit this crime? I might have to go back to 2. This is just shocking to me. It was so awesome to just scan the folders down the side, even when just peaking out from behind another window, and see those red stars on the folders with new mail. Now they're gone. For no reason. They're still on the messages, but not the folders. Who makes these decisions? Seriously? Who in their right mind would decide to throw out this feature??? Meanwhile, they've gone crazy copying Gmail features, and they leave out the main feature they have that Gmail doesn't have. Incredible.

Fix it. Please. Put the stars back. ASAP. Or I'm switching to Gmail client. Thanks in advance.

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