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by mrawhimskell (#34569342) Attached to: Netflix Touts Open Source, Ignores Linux

And additionally, whether you believe it's "right" or not, Netflix can only do what it does because there are copy protection mechanisms in place to ensure respect of the copyrights of the material they are displaying.

There might be a way to create an open source Netflix client that respects copyright, but it would be difficult (technologically, and perhaps legally depending on the license you're using), and it would be a hard sell to the copyright owners.

Plus, I mean, come on - Netflix streaming works on PS3, Xbox, wii, mac, windows, iphone, ipad, a number of set-top TV boxes like the Roku and the WD ones, several TVs with integrated instant watch, and several Blu-Ray players. They're trying to get as many eyes in front of their product as they can. It's not like they're forcing you into a small subset of products.

you are totally correct. besides even if they do, some within our beloved opensource community will start wining about the binary blobs etc. i guess we can't all be opensource purists. If someone wants to charge for their work it's up to them. i guess we need to learn to live with that. we can't force the whole world to be opensource communists - oops i didn't just say that!

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by mrawhimskell (#34467070) Attached to: One Night Stands May Be Genetic
As always, 'science' has given us yet another excuse to continue doing the debilitating things we do. Soon we'll be able to blame even the most heinous crimes on our genes! By the way, this isn't news, the apostle said almost 2000 years ago, "For I know that inside me dwelleth no good thing". The sinful nature of man is inherent and genetic. The Bible tells me so.

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Remember, the Book of Genesis originated from India not Hebrews...

Really? I'd like some references if you don't mind. Anyway, first like a sig declared, "In the beginning was nothing, and then nothing exploded", now we get "The water just came from the rocks" like the same rocks in other planets. Don't ever forget that the things that we see are temporal, but it's the unseen that is permanent

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