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Comment: Re:You have nothing to fear. (Score 0) 263

by mr_bubb (#34570480) Attached to: Oracle Releases MySQL 5.5

Eh? I don't mean to troll or anything, but since when has Postgres NOT been dead? It's a bit of a niche. I've worked with more than one database over the course of my 10 year web development career, MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, but certainly NOT Postgres. I don't know a single person who has ever used it. There's a reason why they put an M in LAMP, you know :P

Well then, you're a retarded guy working with a bunch of mouth-breathers. Postgres is used plenty, by people who want a FOSS database with real features, good performance, and great reliability. MySQL is popular for the same reason that Windows is popular -- it's easy to get started with. But -- it's also a toy.

Comment: Re:No Surprise There (Score 1) 464

by mr_bubb (#34497416) Attached to: Pentagon Papers Ellsberg Supports Wikileaks
To those who believe wikileaks was in the wrong, here's an example of what we're trying to cover up: we're pressuring the Germans not to arrest CIA agents who kidnapped, on *German* soil, a *German national* who was *mistakenly* believed to be a terrorist. We *tortured him*, then let him rot in a hole in the ground for years before letting him out with no acknowledgement of guilt or even responsibility. This shit needs to come to light. Assange may have his own axes to grind, but what he's doing is right and protected under US law (Pentagon Papers case, duh). The Times article is here:

Comment: Re:Stupid action (Score 0) 715

by mr_bubb (#34489898) Attached to: MasterCard Hit By WikiLeaks Payback Attacks
You're the stupid. MC and Visa have an almost total monopoly on payments. What the government is doing in shutting down payments via MC and Visa is justifiable only of Wikileaks is a criminal organization. I think that's a long way from being proved (remember the Pentagon Papers case? Ellsberg walks the earth today). So the government action is an egregious exercise in police power, and the hackers are heroes for practicing civil disobedience.

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