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Comment Whoa, we really need to think this through... (Score 4, Insightful) 220

Giving private corporations the ability to identify anyone they don't like a "cyberattacker" and then attack them will be very dangerous. Imagine companies pursuing IP related complaints (whether real or imagined) being deputized to go after people and their systems in this manner. There are damn good historical reasons we have a legal system in place -- one of which is to the prevent abuses that vigilante systems foster.

Comment Why stop at a space race... (Score 2) 275

If a space race would spur innovation through rivalry, why stop there? A full cold war would really get the rivalry juices flowing... Rah, Rah, go Team America and defeat the communist yellow man. [/sarcasm]

This idea is very childish. The heated passion of rivalry does not make for good policy and planning decisions. As great as Apollo was for tangible technology spin offs, from a space policy perspective it was disaster. It did long term damage and did much to keep man in low orbit for following 50 years or longer. Another "space race" would just be a repeat of one step forward, two steps back that epitomized Apollo. Instead, if we are to venture into space, lets do it soberly and with calculation required to actually start long-term exploration and colonization efforts. Or, at least step out of the way and encourage those who want to explore and colonize space in an adult manner.

Comment Re:Still vapor (Score 2) 104

MCU looks to be an ARM Cortex M0, but flash or SRAM aren't stated. I would guess 8k to 64k of flash and 2k to 8k of SRAM which is typical for low-end MO's. There also seems to be a 900 Mhz wireless option, but no range specified. Not too shabby. I expected a lot less capable MCU for the 1st generation. Even just a few feet of wireless range could be very useful for some interesting applications.

Comment Why not just a Samsung app store? (Score 1) 243

If Samsung wants to muscle Apple and Google on app/software sales, don't they have the might to create an independent app store for their phones? I don't believe there is anything that would prevent it as Amazon sells Android apps independent of Google's app store. That would be much less risky and complex than trying to introduce yet another smartphone OS into what is already available.

Comment Re:Good try, but a bit dissapointed... (Score 1) 94

Well, I did indicate I would continue to watch to give the show more of a chance.

Blade Runner, by changing the name of the movie to something which didn't reference the book, at least gave a big clue that it would only be loosely based on the source material.

Philip K. Dick was very enthusiastic about the adaption of Blade Runner from his story "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" As far as we know, perhaps he would like this adaption as well.

Comment Good try, but a bit dissapointed... (Score 2) 94

I really wanted to like the adaption of "The Man in the High Castle", but was dissapointed it went in directions greatly different than the book. One example is "The Grasshopper Lies Heavy". It is is no longer a book, but a 16mm movie filled with images of the Allies winning WWII including scenes from VE and VJ day. How did this movie physically cross from our reality to their reality? As a book, the alternate reality was about ideas and imagination, not a physical reality to be escaped to. This could lead the series into well worn SciFi time-travel and alternate universe trope that wasn't what the PKD story is about.

I thought the visuals and atmosphere of the show were good, but the characters seemed to bland vanilla versions of the rich and colorful characters in the PKD source material.

If Amazon picks it up, I'll give it more of a chance, but I didn't enjoy the show as much as I wanted to. I remembet it taking me a little while to get into the book so perhaps I have to do the same with this adaption.

Comment As if getting a polygraph isn't humiliating.. (Score 3, Insightful) 106

...and stressful enough already. Now they'll tell you to strip and get into a silly motion capture suit. Next up is sticking a probe up our anus to measure the contraction of the sphincter muscles. After all, it's for our own good. How else will our overlords prevent another Snowden fiasco?

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