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Comment Re:GM producers are shooting themselves in the foo (Score 1) 513

Did you come to that conclusion in a scientific way, or are you being just as unscientific as you claim people with GMO concerns are?

Yes, some people are satisfied with 2 sentences on wiki and others want to see the underlying code (I will let you guess which group is being more scientific).

Most stockholders do not read financial statements, most OSS users do no read source code, and most citizens do no read through laws. Can you "scientifically" prove these things being open to the public have no significant utility (2 sentences from wiki will not do. . .)?

Maybe there would be more progress in this debate if you spent less time insulting the intelligence of the "other side" and more time thinking of intelligent things to contribute to the debate?

Comment Re:Instead of bashing NASCAR. . . (Score 1) 387

I think it encompasses the entire point of my original post. . . Bill Nye bashing NASCAR fans because they are not focusing on NASA just seems strange and ineffectual. If NASCAR were shutdown, would those fans flock to NASA? Hell no! They would spend more time watching monster trucks and professional wrestling.

The earlier (perhaps, same as you) poster's reply complains about car sounds and other "non scientific" aspects of the Formula E race, completely missing the point that it is not about which is a better "formula" (whatever that means when electricity is being used. . .), but which race is more applicable to the argument Bill Nye is making.

Comment Re:Easier to address aging than its symptoms. . . (Score 1) 101

Hey, I am totally in the area of computational automation myself, but I would not kid myself for a minute that the writing is not on the wall. . . perhaps we are using a different tool stack, but I am constantly automating myself out of a job. . . just a matter of time before there are no jobs left to automate. . .

Plus, I don't care about my wealth over the next couple of centuries.. just the next couple of decades

I see, so you basically glazed over the entire article and the context of this entire thread that I started and saw an opportunity to score a political point. "Next couple of decades" does not equate as "immortality" so. . . I guess you can just move along on your own merry way then?

Comment Re:Easier to address aging than its symptoms. . . (Score 1) 101

It is alright, we can remedy the problem by boosting the glass economy and all go out and break some windows. . . Seriously, though, not reducing human suffering and wasteful use of scarce resources to "protect jobs" is banana republic economics.

Economics and the best interest of the human race only conflict for people who do not understand one or both.

Comment Re:Easier to address aging than its symptoms. . . (Score 1) 101

steal my money

Why are you assuming that you have any money to steal in this scenario? Do you honestly believe that there is a job that exists that cannot be automated within the next couple of centuries? When it is YOU receiving a basic income, will you have "earned it" at that point?

I am trying to determine whether you are an overzealous workaholic puritan or just out of touch with technological progress.

Comment Re:Easier to address aging than its symptoms. . . (Score 1) 101

I certainly doubt that I or anyone else alive today can take credit for this "technological terror," as the vast majority of us are alive as a direct result of said technology. Though I suppose we could take credit for the incremental progress we have contributed . . . .

You are more than welcome to reduce the impact on the Earth by 1 human being and only 1. The rest of us will push on to drive humanity from being a mere occupant to becoming a caretaker of this precious planet. This will be accomplished by superior technology, not by superior rhetoric.

Comment Re:Easier to address aging than its symptoms. . . (Score 2) 101

I have seen that movie multiple times, along with every other dystopian movie ever created worth watching. However, technological improvement appears to be exponential, so you really need to look at shorter periods of history to get an idea of where things are trending.

For instance, the last 5 ~ 10 years has resulted in some technological breakthroughs that should greatly change the traditional views of overpopulation. We are increasingly doing more with less, such that the concept of "over population" is becoming an increasingly meaningless term.

Comment Re:Easier to address aging than its symptoms. . . (Score 2) 101

Concentration of power is detrimental to the health of society and the individuals in that society. We do need massive decentralization of power to ensure a healthy society (you will always have sociopaths but a robust society would ensure it was impossible for them to gain power over others). The Internet has decentralized global communications. We are experiencing the decentralization of access to energy. Those were the hardest parts to decentralize so the rest should easily follow. Besides, decentralized technologies accessible to the masses have a natural tendency to rapidly improve that other, more centralized technologies lack (i.e. cellphone vs the airplane). Accordingly, as society becomes more technologically advanced, individuals become less vulnerable to the oppression by a small minority.

Again, the hard part is the technological question of how we ensure our species has enough resources to live. That has already been solved and increasingly so as technology advances. Ensuring that people do not starve in our highly automated economy is a comparatively easier problem to solve (e.g. basic income). As power is decentralized, policies beneficial to the masses will become even easier to implement.

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