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Comment small and foolish business? (Score 1) 419

They sound like a small shop that totally depended on a fast run through customs to make their ship dates, and it didn't happen. (If you can't ship it yet, don't sell it yet! or the internet will eat you.)
Also, Meathead Marketing really ought to be dismissed with grievance - that's just gross Fail there.

Comment Re:Prepublication Review (Score 1) 172

And if you read the article, you'll note his book had already passed review 13 months prior to publication. The subsequent demands to remove passages, as well as spurious investigation, would then seem to be retaliation for voicing criticism.

And if you're implying that linking to something constitutes publication... you've got to be joking.

Comment obligatory nutshell post (Score 1) 1016

- Yes, the firms can be trusted - caveat pay attention to ToS. Take note of which ones will certify destruction of the drive, some even cover PCI liability.

- You can run DBAN (or similar tools!) yourself, from any system w the right connects, on as many drives as the chipset can manage. Then you can resell or donate drives. Yes it takes some time, but unless it's a drive that predates UDMA, it's not going to take too long unless there are r/w errors - in which case just punt it to the next method.

- Power drill + hard drive = pretty sparks. Alternatively, you can just disassemble the drive - I find the metal platters make very nice coasters.

ps: Degaussing is not considered sufficient for business use, so if you're concerned about data destruction it's not the route to go.

Comment Re:Stupidity (Score 1) 131

>> I trust Google specifically because I know it's in their economic best interest to give me the best results and to weed out these crappy sites.

I don't anymore. They've apparently decided it is in their best interests to make it appear as though their other properties and endeavors are the best results.
See the trailing-comma test, it still works - most notably for stock symbol queries.

And to answer your second point : Tripadvisor's complaint against Google was completely legitimate. They were being scraped, straight up.

"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history." -- George Bernard Shaw