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Comment See his sig (Score 1) 312

He advocating a Citizen's Dividend of 17%. 17% of what I'm not sure, but the general idea of a citizen's dividend is that profits from government own commons, like oil drilling permits and royalities, mineral rights, timber rights, should be charged and paid out to citizens directly instead of going into government's general funds.

Comment They wouldn't be able to do that (Score 2) 312

Typical retail clerk, probably per store policy, in a power outage will be to say "Can't do it." Can't/won't take cash because "the computers are down". You can tote up the costs and add the tax and have exact change, but they still won't make the effort to accept it because "the computers are down".

Comment If your boss was just as understanding for (Score 2) 418

People without kids...if I worked there and said "Boss, I can't come to work today because I've got to take my turtle to the vet." or "Sorry I'm not productive today, I spent all night playing WoW and din't get any sleep."

Those excuses aren't materially different than "Got to take Susie to the pediatrician." or "Susie was crying all night so we didn't get any sleep." except for the whole kid thing.

Being out-of-the-office is being out-of-the-office, and being unproductive is being unproductive.

Does everyone have flexibility to take time off or be unproductive or just breeders?

Comment 75F summer 68F winter (Score 1) 388

Seems about right for the bean counters. But we have the same battle at home. I'm perfectly happy to let the in-house temps drop to 58F in winter, and I do when my wife is out of town. It's perfectly comfortable to me, but my wife would stab me in my sleep and burn my corpse for warmth if I did it when she was here. In summer 74F is about the maximum I'd like my house to be, and even then my wife is wearing a sweatshirt.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 1) 1197

Wasn't making a determination on the use of the shotgun. That's immaterial to disagreeing with the comment: "If it didn't land, then it's not in your yard. If it is flying then it is in FAA airspace." That statement is false with or without the shotgun, except in so far as the shotgun was useful in determining the probable altitude of the drone as almost certainly being below 500 feet.

Comment Re:Right to Privacy in One's Backyard? (Score 5, Informative) 1197

"Private landowners retain their right to exclusive use of the airspace for the reasonable enjoyment of their property up to 500 feet above their lands.[3]"

FAA airspace begins above 500 feet. No shotgun will knock down a drone at 500 ft, so the drone must have been below that, probably more like 50 feet, well within the "exclusive" zone.

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