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Comment: But they *already* sold the seat...to you (Score 1) 126

by mpercy (#49601439) Attached to: Judge Tosses United Airlines Lawsuit Over 'Hidden City' Tickets

They *still* got paid for it. They can even resell it to a standby passenger when you don't show up. And even if they don't they save some fuel by flying a less-laden plane.

I'm completely at a loss as to why this is a problem for the airlines. Except that the "normal" fare is even higher.

Comment: Sterilization events (Score 1) 329

by mpercy (#49567767) Attached to: Why Our Antiquated Power Grid Needs Battery Storage

Biosphere One, as you call it, has sustained several nearly sterilizing events in its 4.5B year history, not to mention that it was uninhabitable for about the first 1B years or so. The planet will go on after the human virus has died out, even if humans take 99% of all other current species with them.

Now, that's not to say it's a good idea to go about defiling the planet as you describe, but just to place some perspective on it. Humans are a mere speck on this big ol' rock, and said rock is insensate and does not need to be "preserved".

Are humans as a species stupid enough to wipe themselves out as you describe? Probably. Good riddance, then.

Comment: You over-focused on the particulars of this one (Score 1) 285

I'm more generally referring to things like Hollywood leftist multimillionaires advocating for $15/hour for burger-flipping "living wage". They could take some of their money, buy a Burger King, and pay $15/hour. No one would stop them.

The NFL players could all quit, form a new player-owned football league, and pay themselves whatever they like.

People complaining a CEO's pay is too high could buy enough shares in the company and vote to change to CEO's pay. Or better yet, create a company that directly competes with the too-rich-CEO and pay the CEO of that company equally to the ever-important janitor.

People complaining about NCAA athletes being "exploited" could form a for-pay system where athletes who want to get into the NFL or NBA could play without being forced to go to class or comply with NCAA rules while waiting out the NFL & NBA age limit rules.

It's always about how "the man" is "keeping them down" and how government needs to force someone to do something that the market won't really bear.

Comment: Every single time: "living wage" (Score 1) 285

It seems that every single time this sort of topic pops up, we have some SJW crying about greedy 1%'s not paying "a living wage". Even when a "living wage" is not quite at issue, we still have poor downtrodden NFL players being denied a extra $2.5M/year by some rich bastard team owner.

I am always left wondering why the SJW folks (or the NFL players) don't simply, in this case, form a non-profit corporation, buy a strawberry farm, pay $25/hr + healthcare + vacation for pickers, and sell the produce? Leading by example would "prove" that it is possible to make money (or at least not lose money) by selling strawberries picked by $25/hr labor.

There's not a thing preventing anyone from "solving" this "living wage" problem: just open up a competing business that pays a "living wage".

Well, nothing except competition.

Comment: Can you say Disparate Impact boys & girls? (Score 0) 294

by mpercy (#49487797) Attached to: IT Worker's Lawsuit Accuses Tata of Discrimination

I knew you could.

Disparate Impact is a favorite tool of the left to "prove" discrimination has occurred even when it is highly unlikely. For example, when credit applications are scored by computer (where race is not entered). Almost always this is an Al Sharpton racially motivate thing.

Interesting to see it working in the direction of the white folks, but I doubt we'll see Reverends Al & Jesse making a fevered appeal against the racism of Tata's hiring practices.

Comment: Disparate impact! Sexism rears its head! (Score 1) 517

We've learned from progressives that anytime the results are skewed relative to the the population someone is getting screwed.

I fully expect this divergence to be 100% acceptable to the left because "traditional victims" are coming out ahead and "unprosecuted rapists" are rightfully being denied their privilege.

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