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Comment Re: Good! (Score 2) 363

"A corporation may write its check to the Internal Revenue Service for payment of the corporate income tax, but that money must come from somewhere: from reduced returns to investors in the company, lower wages to its workers, or higher prices that consumers pay for the products the company produces." [CBO report "THE INCIDENCE OF THE CORPORATE INCOME TAX"]

This report goes on to say:

Although economists are far from a consensus about exactly
who bears how much of the burden of the corporate income tax, the existing studies
highlight the significant types of economic mechanisms as well as the empirical
estimates necessary for further quantifying the burdens. CBO's review of the studies
yields the following conclusions:

o The short-term burden of the corporate tax probably falls on
stockholders or investors in general, but may fall on some more than
on others, because not all investments are taxed at the same rate.

o The long-term burden of corporate or dividend taxation is unlikely to
rest fully on corporate equity, because it will remain there only if
marginal investment is not affected by those taxes. Most economists
believe that the corporate tax system has some effect on investment

o Most evidence from closed-economy, general-equilibrium models
suggests that given reasonable parameters, the long-term incidence of
the corporate tax falls on capital in general.

o In the context of international capital mobility, the burden of the
corporate tax may be shifted onto immobile factors (such as labor or
land), but only to the degree that the capital and outputs of different
countries can be substituted.

o In the very long term, the burden is likely to be shifted in part to
labor, if the corporate tax dampens capital accumulation.

o Most attempts to distribute the burden of corporate taxation have
neglected the possible importance of effects on the relative prices of

Comment With your math skills and exorbitant expenses (Score 1, Informative) 500

It's no wonder you have problems.

Seriously, $2400 ($200/month) for 2-phone plan? Mine is $70 for two iPhones with unlimited talk, text, and shared 4G of data (we've got wi-fi everywhere so why pay for 10G or more?).

And $100/month for the triple play is not bad, but that adds up to only $1200, not the $5200 you deducted for it.

And if you can't afford all the expenses of having a kid on top of the other things you're spending on, perhaps you ought rethink the decision to have one. Or maybe you could cut the TV and landline if you need to buy diapers.

Comment The tens of thousands of people (Score 1) 822

who shoot handguns competitively for sport would disagree. Personally, none of my handguns has ever inflicted any damage on a human body, let alone lethal damage despite having fired thousands of rounds through them. I have no intention of ever inflicting any damage to any human being with any of my guns (indeed, none of my guns has ever harmed any animals either, if you don't count the rats executed in the trap with my pellet gun).

The real purpose of a gun is to fire a bullet toward whatever you aimed it at.

Well, there was that one time hot brass flew into my shirt. And one time I got bit by the slide action when it nipped a bit of skin off my thumb.

Comment Totally preventable deaths (Score 1) 822

Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 2015: 23
Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 2014: 31
Total number of U.S. heatstroke deaths of children left in cars, 1998-present: 660
Average number of U.S. child heatstroke fatalities per year since 1998: 37

Children involved in 2014 Nontraffic Fatalities (as of 6/18/15):

Backovers: 71
Frontovers: 63
Vehicle set in motion: 5
Underage Driver: 16
Drowning: 3
Power Window Strangulation: 2
Fall from Vehicle: 1
Other: 1
Total: 194

Every year, thousands of children are hurt and dozens are killed because a driver, usually a parent, backing up didn't see them.

Every year, thousands of children are hurt or and dozens are killed because a driver, usually a parent, moving forward very slowly didn't see them. These incidents for the most part take place in residential driveways or parking lots and are referred to as ‘frontovers.’ (the opposite of a backover).

Comment See his sig (Score 1) 312

He advocating a Citizen's Dividend of 17%. 17% of what I'm not sure, but the general idea of a citizen's dividend is that profits from government own commons, like oil drilling permits and royalities, mineral rights, timber rights, should be charged and paid out to citizens directly instead of going into government's general funds.

Comment They wouldn't be able to do that (Score 2) 312

Typical retail clerk, probably per store policy, in a power outage will be to say "Can't do it." Can't/won't take cash because "the computers are down". You can tote up the costs and add the tax and have exact change, but they still won't make the effort to accept it because "the computers are down".

Comment If your boss was just as understanding for (Score 2) 418

People without kids...if I worked there and said "Boss, I can't come to work today because I've got to take my turtle to the vet." or "Sorry I'm not productive today, I spent all night playing WoW and din't get any sleep."

Those excuses aren't materially different than "Got to take Susie to the pediatrician." or "Susie was crying all night so we didn't get any sleep." except for the whole kid thing.

Being out-of-the-office is being out-of-the-office, and being unproductive is being unproductive.

Does everyone have flexibility to take time off or be unproductive or just breeders?

"If I do not want others to quote me, I do not speak." -- Phil Wayne