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+ - SCAM - Sidekick Data Loss

Submitted by mp3LM
mp3LM (785954) writes "This is a warning on a recent story posted on several news outlets (/., NYT, WST, PC Mag) regarding the TMobile SideKick data loss. It appears as though scammers are now sending out spam trying to obtain phone and e-mail addresses and linking to articles to try and prove their cases. Here is the e-mail I had received:

Chris Locke to
Oct 11

Hi Everyone!

Pardon the impersonal message, but I am rebuilding my phone and email contact list, and requesting that you send me your information at your convenience.

T-mobile, or rather Microsoft, lost all sidekick users' contact lists this past week, and we've been recently told they will most likely not be able to restore them.

Over 350 contacts — gone! Makes it hard for me to continue to be a devote sidekick user, being this is the world's first and largest data loss as far as cloud computing goes.

Way to go, Microsoft!

Thanks for your help!
Chris Locke

My apologies if you receive this message multiple times

cell: 561.389.7375

Please warn your family and friends. Although it may not look convincing to the tech savvy many people are not tech savvy and will fall for this scam. Keep an eye out and good luck!"

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