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Comment: Re:I care more about this than net neutrality (Score 1) 427 427

The adminstration and Democratic congressmen have received enormous amounts of $$$ from Google, Amazon and other anti-net neut corporations. It is either extremely ignorant or extremely dishonest to make the arguments you just made. So - are you idiots or crooks? Just asking.

Comment: Re:Popcorn and other practical applications (Score 5, Insightful) 297 297

To both the idiot who wrote this and the idiot who wrote its parent: One of the most compelling arguments for directed energy weapons, a point I have seen made time after time in briefings, is the reduction and/or elimination of "collateral damage" they will enable. In fact, no one I know in the military even uses the phrase "collateral damage" without a visible reaction of repugnance. The US military, as a matter of strategy and of tactical planning, abhors the idea of killing anyone who is not actively engaging in trying to kill us first. So the billions spent on this project reflect a commitment to that principle, which will be achieved both by the precision of the weapon (especially when used in a tactical engagement) and by its speed and range, which are unique and could possibly eliminate the threat of long-range nuclear weapons forever. THAT was the vision that motivated SDI and the ABL from their beginnings.

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