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Comment: Re:Top Publishers To Post News Stories Directly To (Score -1) 50

by mozumder (#49684715) Attached to: Top Publishers To Post News Stories Directly To Facebook Timelines

OH MY GOD you're RIGHT! Clearly the tracking is going to result in assassins hunting you down at night, instead of being used to change ads from a random demographic profile to one that tunes in to your demographic interests.

Tracking is clearly going to result in your MURDER!!

Comment: Re:Why? I mean you could build a roller coaster (Score -1) 51

Because Facebook needs to produce content that's advertiser friendly, and professionals are much better at producing content than amateurs.

Social media is a terrible base for advertisers. Advertisers want to advertise with things that help their brand.

The basics of branding is this: Why would a fashion brand like Gucci place an ad next to a photo of your college friend throwing up, when they can place their ad next to a stunning photo of Kate Moss. If you understand this, then you understand how branding works, which comprises the top end of the advertising industry.

Facebook has slowly been trying to get rid of its horrible branding problem, by doing things like auto-editing the news-feed so that crappier stories aren't shown, and happier stories ARE shown.

The next step is obviously to place professional content directly on the site, so that advertisers have better content to associate with their brand. Advertisers HATE placing their high-end ads next to shitty complaints from your right-wing uncle. That's a good way to not have advertising.

Comment: And in the US (Score -1) 179

by mozumder (#49259903) Attached to: Russia Abandons Super-Rocket Designed To Compete With SLS

we get to launch rockets without having to have a profit requirement for it!

That's why the US gets to launch big expensive, and awesome science projects like Hubble, Cassini, Voyager, Apollo, etc.., while Russia is stuck with shitty Space-X sized rockets that only has commercial appeal.

Russia is going to find out the hard way that commercial rockets are useless compared to government rockets.

Comment: Re:Internet is 99.999999999% crap. (Score -1) 164

by mozumder (#49102801) Attached to: How is your book reading divided between fiction and non-fiction?

Your tolerance for crap is too high.

You'll find that, once you start to pay for your content, quality dramatically goes up.

For example, I find that a lot of people consider Wikipedia to be a great source for history and science, but Wikipedia has NOTHING compared to a good history or science book. In fact, much of the articles on Wikipedia are just plain wrong. It really is low-value junk compared to higher-end paid sources.

Anyways, you get what you pay for.

Comment: Indeed, BSD is already a popular desktop OS (Score 4, Insightful) 393

by mozumder (#49070821) Attached to: PC-BSD: Set For Serious Growth?

It already has about 13.4% US desktop market share already.

I have no idea why Mac OS X isn't called out for being the MOST UNIX operating system out there.

Why bother making a Linux desktop, when you ALREADY have a top-notch Unix desktop environment, with origins in BSD Unix (via NextStep), a proper Unix-shell, and every other command-line tool, with the ability to run real commercial software from Adobe and Autodesk.

Additionally, it seems like Mac OS X has officially won all the developers. I don't recall seeing any developer using anything BUT Mac OS X over the last couple of years.

Unix won the desktop.. it's just called Mac OS X.

Comment: Re:They are just trolls with lots of money (Score -1) 418

A lot of the buyers really are buying them for art's sake. Wealthy people already know that they gain no additional entertainment value from it. They just want to spend their money on something that just looks cool, and their rich so why not.

It's like buying a painting - it does absolutely nothing except sit around and look interesting. Wealthy people might even show off the cables themselves with custom display kits just for the cables. It's less about it's audio quality and more about it's appearance. A lot of people find art and beauty in non-traditional areas as well - think the Nine Inch Nails "Head like a Hole" video where they're just wrapping themselves up in cables.

Also, most regular people appreciate the art of industrial design as well and incorporate it into their lives. You're not going to buy a bright pink and green cable for your home stereo if you don't want your wife to kick you out, but you'll probably buy a black one.

Comment: Re:Spelling Bees! (Score -1) 700

by mozumder (#48977475) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Pros and Cons of Homeschooling?

None of the positive measurements are because of home-schooling itself. It's largely because of parental care and feedback on a child's education that homeschoolers provide.

In other words, if you made the REST of the public homeschool their kids, you'll find that scores, GPAs, etc.. also drop, because now you have all parents homeschool their kids, including parents that don't give a shit about their child's education.

And once you normalize the experiment, you'll find that public/private schools are much more effective than homeschooling.

This is why the top-end leaders of society are never home-schooled.

Comment: Noob (Score -1, Troll) 458

by mozumder (#48946183) Attached to: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft

Uh. They most certainly did NOT create the smartphone sector.

There was NO smartphones before the iPhone. Speaking as a guy that used them all, everything else was utter garbage compared to the iPhone. They were garbagephones, not smartphones.

And they sure as fuck didn't do it out of "nothing".

Are you fucking kidding? Things like momentum scroll and pinch-to-zoom were made out of thin air by Apple. There was nothing like it. The audience literally gasped when Steve Jobs first demoed those things in the iPhone introduction.

Apple defined the new device, and created this market.. from scratch. They threw out every other smartphone idea, because they were incorrect and complete garbage.

THIS is the REAL mobile market that Apple created from scratch. There was absolutely nothing like it, no matter how hard the Android/MS fangirls try to rewrite history to claim that Apple didn't invent the modern smartphone industry.

If you don't believe me, then explain why Google had to REDESIGN Android after seeing the iPhone introduction? Because they knew they had a terrible design, sorta like how Google Glass is a terrible design, and how MS HoloLens is going to lose as well.

Sorry, but you are, right now, living in the world created by Apple. You AREN'T living in the world created by Google or Microsoft.

Also, you're going to REALLY hate it when I let you know that the PC itself was defined and created by Steve Jobs. Nobody but Steve Jobs thought PCs were anything more than Industrial Appliances. He was the only one that thought they would be usable by normal people - kids, grandmas, etc.. And so he defined that market to cater to kids and grandmas, and built the product to match it. Other PC vendors were strictly thinking about PCs in terms of industrial/office products. Even a company like Xerox, who should have figured it out, didn't. Steve Jobs was the ONE guy that thought you should be able to use a PC at home by untrained people, instead of at the office by experts.

So, not only did he create the modern smartphone, but he created the entire PC industry itself.

Perhaps in the next life, you nerds would have been born with a better sense of taste that would allow you to create interesting and useful products for society, But, alas, you were stuck without any talent, and so you have to live in a computing defined by Steve Jobs.

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