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Comment: Re:Bragging about torture (Score 1) 390

by moxley (#45237433) Attached to: Citizen Eavesdrops On Former NSA Director Michael Hayden's Phone Call


Are you paying attention? This guy we have in the whitehouse has continued and expanded prety much all of Bush's troubling policies, and has some of his own that could have come from the sick mind of Dick Cheney himself.

  In fact, our p-residient has taken positions on things that are more fascistic than even Bush/Cheney would have dared to do...

Comment: Just like Enron (Score 1) 144

Or could it be that they're just assholes who have a better understanding of what a house of mirrored cards our debt based financial system is than most of the public, and (like those douches at Enron who laughed about old lady's power being shut off due to such high bills thanks to their profiteering/racketeering) think it's pretty damn funny that they kite a whole system the way a criminal kites a check.

Comment: technology can protect or harm... (Score 1) 223

by moxley (#44610357) Attached to: Should Cops Wear Google Glass?

I believe that all police should ALWAYS have to be recording - it's in the public interest and any cop or police higher ups who object to this aren't interested in professional policing...It's something that could save so much time and money as well.

Technology can be used to guarantee our liberty, as with this sort of technology.... ...or it can be used to further repress us......and I don't think I need to even give examples here, everyone is well aware....

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