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Comment: Not Open Source, but MusicBee is very good (Score 1) 317

by mouse_8b (#45624563) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best FLOSS iTunes Replacement In 2013?
I use MusicBee on my media server. It is not open source, but it is free and maintained by 1 guy. The function that made me decide to use MusicBee is that I can define an "album" with more rules than just the music file's album tag. I have it set to differentiate between file types, so that the MP3 version and FLAC version of an album are treated as 2 different albums. It's got fully customizable library organization as well, with the familiar iTunes-like interface. I know it doesn't fit exactly into what the OP wanted, but I have been very pleased with it, so I thought it deserved a mention.

Comment: Monsanto's Dirty Tricks (Score 3, Interesting) 617

by mouse_8b (#39053071) Attached to: 300k Organic Farmers To Sue Monsanto For Seed Patent Claims
I recall a story of Monsanto getting caught planting their seeds in unlicensed farmers' fields at night and then shutting down the farmer when the plants were found. I couldn't find a good source for this particular point in my quick Googling, but the comments on this article talk about it: . Additionally, Monsanto has been caught doing a bunch of other dirty business practices. Google "Monsanto Dirty" for a quick peak. (I'm not doing proper research, I know, but its past 5)

Comment: And how does that make you feel? (Score 1) 232

by mouse_8b (#26378989) Attached to: More Brains Needed
IANANeuroscientist (yet?, wish me luck), so I don't really know how science experiments on brains. Is it simple observation of brain physiology, or do they actually "zap" it a little and see what neural pathways are activated?
If it gets zapped, an interesting philosophical question arises. If consciousness is an emergent property of a neural network, then would activating a small network bring some small fraction of consciousness to a brain? I realize that if this was the case, it would be on a very low level, maybe not even comparable to the lowest vertebrates. I also realize perception is immeasurable, but if, while alive, I can retrieve a memory and re-experience a stimulus, could a dead brain "remember" things that had been stored to memory while living? Could new memories be created?

Comment: It's not a monster movie! (Score 1) 511

by mouse_8b (#22115100) Attached to: Cloverfield Discussion
To all the monster movie fans that didn't enjoy it, I think I know why: It's not a monster movie. Just like 'Titantic' is not a movie about boats, 'Cloverfield' is not a movie about monsters. It's a love story, that takes place during a crisis, the crisis happening to be a monster terrorizing the city. So you get all the elements of the monster movie, but from the perspective of 1 person. The first person view helps connect the individual to the scene. Instead of watching people run from the monster, you are the person running. It gives an entirely different feel to a story. I liked it. :)
Data Storage

Current Recommendations For a Home File Server? 170

Posted by timothy
from the must-hold-stuff-must-dish-stuff dept.
j.sanchez1 writes "The recent coverage of Shuttle's new KPC has gotten me thinking (again) about a small, low-cost headless file server for home. In the past, I have looked at the iPaq and considered using older computers I have lying around, but for various reasons I have never jumped in to do it. Do you guys have any suggestions on what to use for a home file server (hardware and software)? The server would be feeding files to Windows PCs and connected to the network through a Linksys WRT54GL running DD-WRT firmware." There are a host of good options these days; what has the best bang for the home-user's buck?

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