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Comment: Re:Pointer typedefs (Score 1) 394

by mosschops (#34471848) Attached to: Programming Mistakes To Avoid

I've never come across that mix of separate attributes with defined types. Typically there will be a PCFOO to go with the PFOO, which has the const as part of the typedef: such as LPSTR and LPCSTR.

Typedefs allow you to keep the whole type atomic. I prefer:

PCSTR p1, p2;


const char *p1, *p2;

where the pointer symbol needs to be repeated on the second variable, despite 'const char' being common to both.


+ - Wipeout recreated with an RC car->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: If you’ve owned any of Sony’s PlayStation consoles then there’s a good chance you’ve also played one of the Wipeout, games. It’s a high-speed racing game that helped make the PSOne popular, and it’s now been recreated using a remote control car.

The project is the idea of Malte Jehmlich. He decided to create a track out of cardboard reminiscent of the Wipeout tracks. He then hooked up a wireless camera
to a remote control car, and modified the controller to be an arcade cabinet with a wheel and forward/reverse selector.

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+ - Google Starts Rolling Out Multiple Account Sign-In->

Submitted by designersdigest
designersdigest writes: Google finally starts rolling out Multiple Account Sign-in feature. That means you can sign in to more than one Google Account at a time in same browser. This is very useful feature for those who are having Multiple Google Account. Google always comes up with interesting features and products for it Fans and Users.

Right now this feature works only for Gmail, Google Sites, Google Calendar, App Engine, Google Voice, Google Reader and Google Code.

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Comment: Re:Certificate revoked (Score 1) 217

by mosschops (#32947992) Attached to: Microsoft Has No Plans To Patch New Flaw

No, they require a Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility signing certificate for loading on 64-bit systems

It doesn't need to involve Microsoft directly, just be signed using an appropriate certificate and cross-certificate for kernel-mode drivers under Windows.

You only need WHQL if you want to avoid PnP installer warnings. I sign and silently install my own filter driver without any Windows prompts, and without needing the package to be blessed by Microsoft directly.

Comment: Re:Certificate revoked (Score 5, Informative) 217

by mosschops (#32945988) Attached to: Microsoft Has No Plans To Patch New Flaw

Windows' security model only checks the certificate during install.

64-bit versions of Vista and Windows 7 require a valid Class 3 code signing certificate to load the driver, not just on installation. Revoking that certificate will stop the devices from working, as the parent poster suspected. Though it may not be the same certificate for all Realtek uses.

+ - Books to bring non-IT management up to speed?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: I work for a fairly successful, small, IT-based company. We've got about ten members of technical staff, perhaps double that in other areas. Just recently a new member of senior management has arrived whose goal is to "take charge and invigorate the company". Their background is corporate and includes no management experience in small, IT-driven organisations. Their open gambit, in this regard was to send a "Strongly Agree...Strongly Disagree" style survey to technical staff with questions that displayed a radical lack of understanding of the way small, unstructured technical teams work. I'd really appreciate some recommendations for reading that might help in bringing them up to speed on the programmer mindset and how to manage programmers.

Comments of the form "Polish your CV! Flee! Run for the hills!" can be taken as read. :)

Comment: Re:HD 1080p? (Score 1) 208

by mosschops (#30141192) Attached to: NVIDIA Ships Decent DX10 Graphics Card For Under $100

The single-core N230 can run fanless, if there's sufficient ventilation, though the dual-core N330 will need one.

The Revo R3600 box I have does include a CPU fan, but it's inaudible from a normal viewing distance at the low CPU load during playback. The fan does spin up if the machine is loaded, but it's still only an added whoosh rather than the whine many laptop fans seem to have. Moving around the XBMC menus quickly and/or updating the metadata on a few items is about the most load my box gets, so it's not an issue.

I'm also a bit of a noise freak, with fanless or large slow fans in my desktop PC. If the fan in the Revo isn't a problem for me, it probably won't bother 99% of people :)

Comment: Re:HD 1080p? (Score 1) 208

by mosschops (#30137258) Attached to: NVIDIA Ships Decent DX10 Graphics Card For Under $100

No Pentium board will have the slot for this card, and Pentium CPUs are just too inefficient nowadays.

You want an nVidia ION based board - even the single-core 1.6Ghz Atom can handle 1080p x264 with ~20% CPU usage, thanks to the 9400M supporting hardware decoding. I have a cheap Revo R3600 box running Linux XBMC, and it can play anything without breaking a sweat, and it's quiet enough to sit under the TV too.

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