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Comment: This is easily subvertable (Score 1) 97

Just dual boot the laptop and have it not ask which OS to load unless you tap a certain key during the boot sequence. Customs workers are happy because they think they have access, travelers are happy because their data is safe, and lawmakers can go fuck themselves because their ignorance precedes them.

Comment: Re:Qui Bono? (Score 1) 437

by morphotomy (#46031217) Attached to: You Might Rent Features & Options On Cars In the Future

I really dislike the trend of buying products but being restricted in how we can modify them. When warranties are involved, the manufacturer should have some say to prevent you from wrecking your car. But when they start throwing DMCA suits against you, that's when you know when it has gone too far.

Maybe this will be the example the lawmakers need to see how ridiculous their policies are.

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