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Comment Which amendment now? (Score 1) 2

If I steal your car and make a write up containing a description of every last part, down to scratches and other flaws, and share it publicly on pastebin, the cops can still arrest me for stealing the car, but disseminating the write up would simply be free speech, and barring copyright (or if I release it under the GPL) anyone else is free to analyze and redistribute it. Any copy of data is NOT the original data, its just a very detailed description of it.

Comment Re:Comparing apples to miniature oranges (Score 1) 409

You realize that can of coke is 138 calories. For of them comes to 552. If you're getting that many empty calories and not gaining weight, odds are you're deficient in one nutrient or another. There is nothing in the soda that makes those calories worth having, and balancing a diet around that much sugar can lead to malnourishment. Also DYEL bro?

They are called computers simply because computation is the only significant job that has so far been given to them.