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Comment: Re:Party "Animal" (Score 2) 202

by morkk (#46107409) Attached to: 20% of Neanderthal Genome Survives In Humans

Cave paintings [...] may have been an early form of advertising of your goods and services

Hardly - the caves that were decorated are all deep, deep underground and very hard to get to. I think the art was a plea to the gods to send more animals because, between them, the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons had wiped them out, especially the mega-fauna.

Comment: So don't fscking read the Dice articles then (Score 1) 246

by morkk (#42891411) Attached to: Reasons You're Not Getting Interviews; Plus Some Crazy Real Resume Mistakes

Ignore everything posted by Yvonne - how hard is that? The "Slashdot Staff" will soon get the message when there are NO replies to their adverticles [sic].

The fact is that all you posters WANT to be outraged. It's like a sexual thrill (at least that's what Andrew Denton said on the (Oz) ABC show "Shock Horror Aunty").

Comment: Re:what problem does OpenStack address? (Score 1) 185

by morkk (#40253099) Attached to: Is OpenStack the New Linux?

have a ~30% greater need for computing resources for the period between mid-november and early january

This is the myth I want to see busted. You see, every company in retail wants that extra 30% at Xmas. Now are you saying that the service provider is going to have all that extra infrastructure just sitting around all year waiting for your and all your competitors' peak requirements? Or is the guy who pays most going to be adequately serviced while the rest of you pound sand? (hint: no, yes)

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