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Comment fugly (Score 1) 1010 1010

Bought a laptop for my kid which came with win 8 as only option, hence I had 10+ hours to play around with it. Horrible, also usable... Anyway, even without frustrating user interface, win8 just looks fugly! Who in their clear mind would like to use anything like this. It has zero appeal.

Comment don't do it (Score 1) 228 228

"am not sure If I am interested in doing something related to my research interests" ---- this is a warning sign!!!! You should not do it! You need to have passion and luck to succeed after you defend. It doesn't look like you have the first component. Also how are your writing, communication and marketing skills? - these are becoming more important than research when you plan to stay in academy. PhD in biol. sci., while fun to study, is a horrible choice career and life-style wise. I have one... Good luck anyway!

Comment Re:Does anyone really care any more? (Score 1) 259 259

my comments was regarding how one starts the applications - I love the ability to click anywhere on a desktop and open a cascading menue. that is fast. used to e16 (10+ years) and it does everything I need. yes, but XFCE and awesome would be my first choise alternatives. my Englsih sucks, sorry.

Comment Re:But it's a lot easier than punch cards (Score 1) 1110 1110

change is welcome if it adds something, is beneficial. metro doesn't add but takes. sure my grandma and two year old will be doing fine with 8. it is great if you are handicaped, or if you have a learning disability, but some people need to work using pcs. epic fall for MS. not crying, i gave away my win 7 licence and moved to mint.

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