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by morgauxo (#46627315) Attached to: FCC Boosts Spectrum Available To Wi-Fi

Personally my favorite way to increase efficiency has been around a long time... ETHERNET!! Don't get me wrong, I use WiFi for things that NEED WiFi (ChromeCast, laptops carried to strange places, visiting friends that want to use their Sprint (shitty network) smartphones, etc...). But.. for stationary things that can do ethernet... it's no contest, ethernet for the win!! With a little creativity you CAN find a place to run the cable and it IS worth it!

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by morgauxo (#46627283) Attached to: FCC Boosts Spectrum Available To Wi-Fi

That's the first thing I was looking for too, I wanted to see the frequency range to see if it was an amateur band. This time it isn't (thankfully?). On the other hand, how much activity is there on the microwave amateur bands? Maybe sharing it (with the part 15 services on a secondary basis) would make it less attractive to comercial interests that might take away our access completely? I don't know. Just a thought.

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That assumes that these genes are the ONLY way for cells to specialize and that it could never happen without them. How often are questions of genetics THAT simple? More likely these genes turned out to be helpful to a process which was already occuring and that is why evolution preserved them.

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Millions ARE thousands! Many of them!

Have our ancestors carried these genes for millions of years? By most counts our species is only about 1 million years old so I would believe it if someone told me we carried genes that were only 100s of thousands of years old. Then again, we could have inheritted this from our non-homosapien ancestors so I would believe milliions of years too. Maybe I should stfu and rtfu?

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>>"This is why our justice system when it is working, doesn't try to fully compensate the victim. As the hurt party they will demand more then what is fair."

What is fair? The penalty must be higher than the amount stolen. Otherwise, what is the deterent? A thief could just hold on to the loot for a while until it is clear that he/she got away with it. If caught, just return it and try again another day. Of course in the real 'justice' system the penalty to the thief is not just making a payment to the victim. There is jail time. So.. instead of the thief being punshed by being forced to overcompensate the victim all of society is punished by being forced to house, feed and guard the thief. (or at least pay those who do). Meanwhile the thief is producing nothing of value (stuck in a room) from which the victim or society in general could benefit.

yup, justice is served!

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by morgauxo (#46593365) Attached to: Operation Wants To Mine 10% of All New Bitcoins

Reading many of the comments it would seem people think Bitcoin is nothing other than something to mine for money and then argue it is pointless. Well, yeah, that would be pretty pointless. A few mentioned it's being 'untraceable' and so good for buying drugs. I don't really think so. The record of every transaction is out there for everyone to see. Sure, individual transactions are anonymous but if law enforcement agencies can manage to find out who was involved in one transaction they can start leaning on people until they have the one they are after. I wouldn't recommend using Bitcoin as a way to commit a crime!

Where I see value in bitcoin is the ability to perform transactions with little or no fees. Why do I have to pay on average $3.00 every time I use another bank's ATM? What did the transaction actually cost the 3rd party bank and any other middlemen to complete? That has to be 99.99...% profit. How about credit card merchant fees, Paypal fees when one person sends money to another outiside of Ebay? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against companies getting a profit for providing a service but when the transaction is 100% digital the real cost must be vanishingly close to zero. That means the profit margin these banks are charging must be rediculous! Besides, even if the fees the banks are charging aren't rediculously high (unlikely) If others are willing to provide that service to the community for free or lower cost then why is it worth paying the banks to do so?

That's what I hope to be someday using Bitcoin or some other virtual currency for... real honest day to day transactions. At the moment though I haven't seen the things I normally pay for on a day to day basis available for Bitcoin. Maybe someday...

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>> Putin is trying to rebuild the USSR. Piece by piece, little by little.
Assuming all the same human rights issues as the original USSR that would be a bad thing

>> We are. Russia's modus operandi ...

>> Unexpectedly, Ukrainians overthrew Russia-supported Yanukovich

If you believe the Russian side of the story the Crimea region is more Russian and would have kept Yanukovich. The rest of Ukraine was making the decision for all of Ukraine by ousting him. I have no idea if this is true, not my side of the world. I think you are saying that it isn't true. In that case... Out with Russia!!

I would put the liberty of individuals over that of nations any day. Nations by their nature limit the liberty of individuals. By chosing the government that best represents them people can keep this limitation to a minimum. Of course.. my neighbor might not have the same ideas I do. We can't all get our own micro-nation. Still, if a whole region leans a different way than the rest of their nation maybe that region shouldn't be a part of the nation. It could be it's own nation with Yanukovich as leader. Or it could be a part of Russia. That should be worked out by the people who live there.

Again, I don't claim to know what the people of Crimea want. For all I know everything I ever read about them leaning towards Russia is BS propoganda propogated by people who report directly to Putin. Or not... But if I am to be outraged at what Russia is doing it is better to hear that Russia is imposing their will on people who don't want it rather than reading that one nation (artificial grouping of people) moving the border (artificial line in the sand) between itself and another is a violation of 'liberty'.

I'm just a little naturally suspicious when people talk about liberty when it comes to nations or other artificial entities (like corporations) as opposed to individual rights. How many serfs have died defending the lands of their lords from yet another group of lords that just would have made them their own serfs?

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