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Comment: Re:"Release early, release often" (Score 1) 261

by morazor (#27255079) Attached to: It's <em>Not</em> the 15th Birthday of Linux
What's your definition of "to be working"? In my opinion, Vista isn't working. I had a long array of problems: from audio issues to start menu entries deleted without an apparent reason. The only nice feature in Vista is persuading people to install other operative systems. For me it worked like a charm.

Comment: Re:If only most MUDs had the puzzle solving aspect (Score 5, Insightful) 149

by morazor (#26131009) Attached to: Adventure Game Interfaces and Puzzle Theory
I think it's just a matter of sales. A game satisfing the lowest common denominator has more potential players than a complex and difficult game. Developing a game has high expenses: low sales means failure. Many software houses making complex and deep games had to face financial problems.

Some examples:
Troika Games
Black Isle Studios

As a matter of fact, a lot of people enjoy playing games that doesn't require too much reasoning. The others still play Nethack or ADOM for the lack of new interesting and challenging games.

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