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Comment: Still trying (Score 1) 1215

by morane (#43950833) Attached to: What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?
I've been trying hard to switch since 2000... Currently I dual boot (Mint and XP) because :
  • Video editing is a joke on Linux (apps crash, can't control the camera via Firewire,...) -> Vegas
  • Photo management on Linux is poor (digikam is so slow, non-intuitive and unable to geotag Canon raw images, Picasa with Wine is ugly and doesn't allow geotagging) -> Picasa/Photoshop
  • I can't seem to find a reliable UPNP DLNA server that works with my all devices -> Foobar
  • Banshee crashes on some songs -> Foobar

But I can't live without :

  • a powerful commandline
  • an update infrastructure
  • a huge software repository

+ - The New School of Videographers->

Submitted by Provataki
Provataki (250395) writes "This editorial discusses the impending explosion of hobbyist artistic videographers, in the same way that happened with digital photography just a few short years ago. The article claims that it's time camera manufacturers create camcorders equivalent in principle to the cheap DSLRs that we currently enjoy. Some beautiful HD footage, shot by amateurs, is shown too."
Link to Original Source

+ - Adblock plus users "accused" of stealing-> 1

Submitted by
derrida writes "There is this Firefox Add-on called Adblock plus that promises (and delivers) removal of "all those ads and banners on the internet that often take longer to download than everything else on the page". And there is also an ongoing debate whether this is stealing or not. Quoting two different views:
"Do you have a devise that automatically blocks all commercials on television.[?] There's a difference between ignoring commercials and blocking them." and
"My a** it is [stealing]! If your going to argue I'm taking something from you by not waiting for your ads to load, I'm going to argue you are "stealing" bandwidth.".
Going one step further some web developers released scripts that blocks Adblock (watch the oxynoron!).
How is really slashdot going to react if Adblock plus is heavily used by its readers?"

Link to Original Source

+ - Use Firefox XForms to create your own Sudoku

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Sudoku quietly appeared on the scene in the United States in the last couple of years, and then became a phenomenon, just as it had in Japan. Someone you know most likely has played it, if not yourself. Because Sudoku is based on very specific data patterns, you can use XPath expressions to evaluate the progress the user has made in a specific game. You can also use these patterns to easily use Mozilla Firefox XForms extensions to generate a game board that enables the user to play."

+ - California mulls ODF -- hard times for MS ahead?

Submitted by PetManimal
PetManimal (987201) writes "The California state legislature will decide on a proposal about whether to have the state government use open, XML-based document file formats starting next January. The proposed bill, AB 1668, is similar to bills filed earlier this month in Minnesota and Texas. Such bills, if passed, would be a big win for the OpenDocument format, and a big loss for Microsoft and its Office suite. However, Microsoft hasn't been sitting on its laurels — besides lobbying Massachusetts legislators and officials to prevent the state government there from turning away from Office, it has also gained standards certification for Open XML from Ecma International and is seeking ISO approval as well."

+ - Which bookmarklets do you use on regular basis ?

Submitted by
eporue writes "I use daily the following bookmarklets:
  • Co.mments, to keep track of conversations : the bookmarklet can be found here.
  • Toread, to email copies of web pages.
  • Playtagger from delicious, to play MP3s without leaving the page. The bookmarklet can be found here.
What other bookmarklets do your use on regular basis ??"

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