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Comment Re:Ouch? (Score -1, Flamebait) 301

By "this," do you mean the cheating, or the getting caught? The getting caught wouldn't have happened without the cheating...

By "this," do you mean the running from the police, or the getting shot? The getting shot wouldn't have happened without the running...
By "this," do you mean wearing the short skirt, or the rape? The getting raped wouldn't have happened without the short skirt...

Nope. Still mindless victim-blaming, but at least we know who you keep company with.

Comment Re:Editors : WTF (Score 1, Offtopic) 307

It's like saying "We have no chips in the vending machine".
You cannot "have none" - but you can "not have any".
"We do not have any chips in the vending machine" would be correct.

You have no idea what you're talking about. You don't have any idea what you're talking about either. Both of my assertions are grammatically and logically correct, with the former using the "no-negation" form of assertion.

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 42

I have yet to meet ANYONE that has found linked in to be useful in any way. 99% of the "employers" are headhunters that are doing shotgun requests.

Hello, I'm Mark. Glad to meet you. I've gotten two of my last three jobs via LinkedIn and have helped at least two other people get jobs via contacts I made there. I found funding for a non-profit I'm with there. It's also my primary communication method for business associates with which I don't wish to socialize.

Like pretty much everything else on the Internet, LinkedIn is a tool. Just because YOU don't know how to use it doesn't mean it's not useful.

Comment Re: Internet dating is for cows. (Score 4, Insightful) 176

Internet dating is for people who don't have the social skills to meet people and engage in more than a nod or good morning in passing. The same people who don't know their next door neighbors and then complain they have nobody to talk to. Getting out and actually doing something, which would help address the problem, is too outside their comfort zone due to lack of practice. I predict a rise in similar scams targeted at the aging male programmer population who think they'll never fall for it.

Your view is painfully naive, shallow, and uninformed. For many people, "getting out and actually doing something" is a pretty crappy way of meeting people to date. If your ideal date is... well... someone just like you, it's fantastic. Otherwise, not so much.

I'm very social as well as involved in my community, but the aspects of community involvement I like as well as most of my hobbies tend to be things other guys like, not other women. Because of my job, I live in primarily family oriented areas where most people are married. I go out a couple times a week and it's always with married couples or just the guys. Single women in my age range are needles in the proverbial haystack.

Internet dating has been a godsend in meeting people in neighboring areas with different interests and different social circles. Internet dating is a tool. It's a shame you feel the need to denigrate others just because you don't know how to use it.

Comment Re:Say Good By to the Rainforests .... (Score 2, Insightful) 851

This is one of my favorite put-up or shut-up discussion points. Since 2004, Certified Sustainable Palm Oil has been available to the market. Over a decade later, a very small percentage of palm oil sold is produced via sustainable, non-destructive methods. Why? Because it costs more. Rather than support the RSPO by buying sustainable palm oil, slacktivists just boycott palm oil altogether rather than rewarding the industry for doing the right thing. The hypocrisy is mind boggling. Why would anyone change their behavior if those who want them to change refuse to support it?

Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 634

No, of course not. Who is suggesting we force it?

They made their course more attractive to women, nothing else.

No, they didn't. They cherry-picked engineering applications which would appeal to women. The other drudgery that's necessary for society's functioning still needs to get done, and it will. Just not by people who think having feel-goods about what they do is more important than the work itself. I'm pretty sure if you changed nursing studies to "nursing while piloting supersonic jets", you'd get a lot more guys being RNs too.

Comment Re:Ignoring the stupidity of the FAA for a minute. (Score 2) 239

Can we just call it what it is? It's a "toy helicopter", not a "drone". That helps get the conversation on the right track.

No it doesn't. That just sidetracks the conversation completely and leads into another unrelated thread in which someone points out that "drone" is a colloquial superset of UAVs that includes "toy helicopter," the aircraft in this article, and whatever more limited definition you have in your head. It's pointless, non-contributory pedantry.

Comment Re: Run fast, for 2 fucking hours and over 26 mile (Score 1) 254

"Bill Hicks: Remember Jim Fix, that health-nut who died while jogging? Used to write BOOKS about joggingwhat do you jot down about jogging? “Left foot, right foot, hemorrhage."

Remember Bill Hicks, that comedian who made fun of Jim Fix, the health-nut with a heart condition who died at the age of 52? Used to smoke, drink to excess, and make fun of people who took care of themselves? Died of cancer at the age of 32.

Comment Re:I LOVE READING PROPAGANDA (Score 1) 981

First in regards to:

Well as a closed system maybe but, if your "society" is being propped up via funding and arms, and you have no need to actually produce anything yourself or even produce engineers at all, then it isn't as much of a problem.

The US spends over half a trillion dollars on the DOD a year. For decades, we have moved away from producing goods to a service providing nation. Granted, this is starting to improve a bit but it's nothing to celebrate, yet.

It's a little disingenuous to refuse the distinction between external funding and funding created from your own economy, don't you think? And the US economy isn't propped up by arms in the sense the OP used it because the use of those arms is not the engine of our economics. Propped up in the sense that we manufacture and sell them to others as well as ourselves, yes, but that's hardly a closed system, is it?

Comment Re:Balancing skepticism (Score 2) 141

Fact is that micro pollutants are just now entering the threshold of human understanding - and it's a bigger problem than just about anybody guessed.

Fact is, that's a logically inconsistent statement. If it's just now entering the threshold of human understanding, than there can't possibly be enough evidence to call it a "bigger problem than just about anybody guessed". Unless, of course, nobody thought it was a problem at all - in which case they wouldn't be called pollutants, but unicorn dust or leprechaun farticles.

Comment Re:Blizzard Shizzard (Score 1) 252

Suing programmers for their creation is a very bad practice. As code is a form of speech, denying someone a freedom of it is against a democratic constitution.

I'd like to see Blizzy sued to bankruptcy for this stupidity. But alas, pigs don't fly now do they?

I'd post that idiocy anonymously too. A) Freedom of speech is freedom from legal suppression. You do not have the right to say whatever you wish. B) Just like you can't yell fire in a crowded theater, you can't release code whose intent or effect is to infringe on someone else's rights. Under your perverse logic, anti-virus software would be "unconstitutional censorship."

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