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Comment: Re:Ability to design and write software... (Score 2) 578

by mopower70 (#46726085) Attached to: Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code

Watch out for those blanket generalizations, they bite back.

Nothing is said about the ability of coal miners to learn how to code. You just can't teach them.

lolwut? "Oh, they can learn, they just can't be taught." So they arrive at these new skill-sets organically through osmosis?

Comment: Re:Having a private pilots license (Score 3, Informative) 269

I don't know, aside from a few mountains that mostly stay put there's nothing to hit in the air except other planes, and there's a LOT more room to maneuver than on the street.

You'd think that... but I imagine it's a lot like sailing. I sail on the ocean and even if there's only a handful of boats out there, there's a good chance you're going to come near one of them. Every airplane is dealing with the same flying conditions and a fairly limited number of destinations. You're generally going to want to take the shortest, most fuel-efficient path - along with every other craft up there. In theory there's lots of room to maneuver, but the odds of you occupying the same space as another craft going or coming the same direction are actually pretty good.

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by mopower70 (#46524781) Attached to: Overuse of Bioengineered Corn Gives Rise To Resistant Pests

All the fuss surrounding GMO is about this.

YA, No. It's not. All the fuss surrounding GMO is about imagined illness and "unnatural" foods. I WISH it was about this because this is what the fuss should be about: Bad Farming Practices (tm). And Bad Farming Practices (tm) are not limited to GMOs, but also apply to the festering cesspool we call organics that poison hundreds of people every year.

Anyone who's arguing against GMOs because of where farmers get their seeds has no idea how modern agriculture works. Farmers have been buying seed from stores for nearly a century and that's not going to change any time soon. The economics of selecting, drying, and storing your own seed hasn't scaled in generations. This fantasy of the strapping farmer harvesting his crops and saving the seeds for next year's planting is just some Hakuna matata circle-of-life fantasy that doesn't exist in the real world business of agriculture.

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by mopower70 (#46278793) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Anti-Camera Device For Use In a Small Bus?

All that effort to protect what has become a job selling buggy whips.

Just drop the "professional" photog bullshit already. No one needs to pay to have their picture taken. Do you know why? Because it's not 1964 anymore, and every fucking person walks around with some kind of camera on them.

Like I said, selling fucking buggy whips.

Yes, and everyone walks around with some kind of writing tool on them and thinks they're an author too. The unreadable dreck that has turned the self-pub market into a steaming shit-pile makes it very clear that people like you are the ones doing it. Photography is art. Just because you have a tool that is capable of creating art, doesn't mean the person wielding it is, anymore than the billions of people with computers that can run a compiler are capable of writing a useful application.

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by mopower70 (#45933177) Attached to: Tech's Gender and Race Gap Starts In High School

It's also pretty clear, based on the experiences of women who have an interest in technology, that they experience hostility, sexism, and nastiness, many enough for them to quit. If it were just a couple, then I'd think it was maybe a fluke, but when every woman I've talked to in tech about it has said they experienced it, and all but 2 of my female college classmates dropped out of the CS program, I'd say it's safe to say there's a sexism problem in the culture of tech that should be addressed.

My experience has been that women in technology who say they "experience hostility, sexism, and nastiness" are experiencing the exact same environment that the men they work with experience. Men who work in the primarily female field of nursing experience cattiness, back-stabbing, and undermining cliquishness. Are women in nursing inherently sexist? No, of course not. Men are just not used to the dynamic of a primarily female workplace, and the same holds true for women.

Try this, if you are a guy in tech who doesn't get it: When you encounter a reasonably good-looking (by your standards) woman with a similar professional background, is your thought process about her professional work (e.g. language or OS choices, server configurations, algorithm ideas), or is your thought process about how you might be able to get her into bed? If it's about her work, congratulations, you aren't part of the problem. If it's about the hope of bedding her, then you need to pay attention and make sure you're thinking with your brain rather than your dick. If you don't know for sure, err on the side of professionalism and focusing on work, and let her make the conversation personal if she wants to. If you can't stick to those rules, you are part of the problem.

So, the woman who finds a male nursing co-worker attractive is the problem with the under-representation of men in the nursing field? Men interact with men differently than they interact with women. Women interact with women differently than with men. "Professionalism" that attempts to pretend that's not true is doomed to failure. There are plenty of fields that are balanced in gender representation. There is absolutely nothing inherent in IT professionals that they create a more "sexist" environment than there is in nursing or teaching professionals. Attempting to blame the behavior of those already in the field is disingenuous, uninformed, and insulting.

Comment: Re:Hail to the uninformed (Score 2) 194

by mopower70 (#45510475) Attached to: Make Way For "Mutant" Crops As GM Foods Face Opposition

What other seed provider would this be and where will you go when they all do the same thing? I don't think you have the slightest clue how this works, do you?

You're clearly not a farmer. And asking "where will you go when they all do the same thing" is just baseless fear-mongering. My local Wendy's closed and now it's a McDonalds. "Oh noes! Where will I go when they all do the same thing! Gah! It's the end of Wendy's!"

Amishland Seeds
Annapolis Valley
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Burpee Seeds
Heritage Seed Company (Nova Scotia, Canada)
Diane’s Flower Seeds
Ed Hume Seeds
Garden City Seeds
Heirlooms Evermore Seeds
Heirloom Seeds
Heirloom Organics
Horizon Herbs
Johnny’s Seeds
Landreth Seeds
Lake Valley Seeds
Livingston Seeds
Local Harvest
Mountain Rose Herbs
Organica Seed
Park Seeds
Sand Hill Preservation Center
Seeds of Change (Owned by Mars Inc.) But GMO Free.
Southern Exposure
Sustainable Seed Co
Territorial Seeds
Tiny Seeds
Uprising Seeds
Virtual Farm Seed Co
Wildseed Farms

Comment: Re:Hail to the uninformed (Score 1) 194

by mopower70 (#45510439) Attached to: Make Way For "Mutant" Crops As GM Foods Face Opposition

In what universe can you called suing farmers for cross-contamination and then locking farmers into having to buy seeds from Monsanto an ethical or sustainable business practice?

In what universe has Monsanto ever sued a farmer for cross-contamination that wasn't intentional fraud on the part of the farmer? If you can come up with a single example, the lawyers at the OSGATA would like to have a word with you, because they sure as hell couldn't find any.

Comment: Re:Why so few women sanitation engineers? (Score 5, Informative) 608

by mopower70 (#44677263) Attached to: Could a Grace Hopper Get Hired In Today's Silicon Valley?

Maybe because programming and tech jobs in general are viewed as high prestige and the cutting edge of technology

Where do you work? I've been in technology for 20 years and programming and tech jobs have about as much prestige as a plumber or mechanic. I actually think that's one of the main reasons women DON'T pursue tech jobs in favor of doctoring and lawyering.

Comment: Re:Female programmers (Score 5, Informative) 608

by mopower70 (#44677227) Attached to: Could a Grace Hopper Get Hired In Today's Silicon Valley?

That's selection bias at work. It's extremely hard for a woman to land a job in this field, and even before that there's a lot of pressure against it (the stupid idea that women can't do maths, the extremely male-oriented lingo and focus, etc.), so only the most persevering, most enduring women make it through.

No it's not. It's extremely hard for an employer to HIRE a woman in this field. There aren't any. I've hired for hundreds of technology positions from data center operations to development, and I've seen thousands of resumes. The women stick out mostly on account of their novelty. I have always hired on merit, but unless a woman was obviously unfit for the position (e.g., experience in a completely unrelated field or no experience at all) we always brought her in because it was such a refreshing change. This is not an advantage any man was ever given. And like the AC above, their skills fell pretty much along the same bell-curve as men: a few absolutely worthless ones, most of them about average, and a few standouts.

Comment: Re:They just don't seem to get the message (Score 3, Interesting) 212

by mopower70 (#44670565) Attached to: Cookieless Web Tracking Using HTTP's ETag

You might think at this point that companies and advertisers start getting the message. Instead, they just keep finding more and sleazier ways. All these technologies have valid uses but have been so abused by corporations and marketing that people increasingly don't trust it anywhere.

I'm honestly curious here. Advertising isn't going away. It's what keeps the Internet "free". So you're saying you'd rather have completely irrelevant advertising than stuff you may actually be interested in? When I'm in the market for any kind of product, I actively seek out sources of advertising to survey what's available. Being flooded with irrelevant information and advertisements (like happens on the radio and television) is personally unnecessary but financially necessary noise to provide the content I want. I'll take trackers any day over having to pay for every single site I visit.

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And how long has writing existed for?

Randall Munroe is an embarrassing illustration of the mediocrity of the average modern nerd.

Long enough that we figured out you don't end a sentence with an unnecessary preposition. Talk about embarrassing mediocrity. You can't even muster a proper sentence with which to condemn your betters.

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