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Comment: Re:Data ownership (Score 2) 183

by moozey (#40206911) Attached to: Why Facebook's Network Effects Are Overrated

Agreed. A lot of people are so quick to suggest that Facebook is going to turn out like Myspace in a matter of months but in reality that really couldn't be further from the truth... Usually the people who suggest it also have a huge dislike for the service for whatever reason.

The summary suggests that Facebook could be ousted by a new site coming a long with some new features and what not, but If Facebook sees another site as a threat, there's nothing stopping it from implementing whatever new attributes they're plugging before it affects their user base. Or better yet, there's nothing stopping them from buying the damn company like they did with Instagram.

Comment: Re:Don't make stupid jokes. (Score 1) 174

by moozey (#40163455) Attached to: Twitter Bomb Joke Case Rolls Back Into UK Courts
I don't know if there is such legislation in existence; maybe there is, maybe there isn't. I guess my point is that they, at first glance, have absolutely no way of knowing you're joking (regardless of whether you have a smile on your face) and I highly doubt they're going to take that chance just because they might have a good sense of humour.

Comment: Re:Don't make stupid jokes. (Score 5, Funny) 174

by moozey (#40150665) Attached to: Twitter Bomb Joke Case Rolls Back Into UK Courts
A few months ago I had a domestic flight in Australia, the first time I'd flown in years. Amusingly, I get swabbed for explosives by security. Afterwards, sitting around waiting for my flight I came very, very close to making a Facebook status a long the lines of "Just got swabbed for explosives at the airport, lucky I left my C4 at home". I'm glad I was smart enough not to.

Comment: Re:ANd a Doctor (Score 1) 335

by moozey (#40060471) Attached to: Zuckerberg Updates Relationship Status To "Married"
They're not stupid enough to put ads everywhere though. If they were, they would've done it already. They would understand why people use their site more than anyone else does. Also, Facebook isn't used because it's cool, it might have been when it first started, but it's become a necessity for hundreds of millions of people that don't just use it for social status (if Facebook ever achieved that for individuals), they use it to connect and share with friends (some more than they do with any other medium, i.e mobile phones, email). To undo that kind of relationship would be an extremely difficult task and would take a major fuck up on Facebook's end to achieve it. Anyone who believes that Facebook is going to turn out like the next Myspace has to remember one thing - it's NOT Myspace in the slightest.