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Comment: stop imposing your values on others (Score 1) 704

by moondo (#46551333) Attached to: Getting Misogyny, Racism and Homophobia Out of Gaming

Let people express whatever they want to say and whatever they believe in. Stop imposing your values as if you have the moral upper hand. Whatever moral high horse you are sitting on (be it on matters of human rights, religion, homosexuality, racism, misogyny, etc.) it's all make believe: it's just as illusory as the content you are fighting against.


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Riding with Robots
Riding with Robots writes "For the past two years, Europe's Venus Express orbiter has been studying Earth's planetary neighbor up close. Today, mission scientists have released a new collection of findings and amazing images. They include evidence of lightning and other results that flesh out a portrait of a planet that is in many ways like ours, and in many ways hellishly different, such as surface temperatures over 400C and air pressure a hundred times that on Earth."
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