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Comment: Re:Unfair competition? (Score 1) 286

by moon3 (#29709769) Attached to: Is Valve's Steam Anti-Competitive?
Ok, but the guy was talking about starting his own Steam-like distribution service. My point was to play Counter-Strike (source) I was required to install Steam (good marketing of Steam itself), now to start "competition" with Steam service would clearly require to have similar AAA game in your offering already and that might be a problem. Forget things like known publishers committing their catalogs into some new 3th party service.

Comment: Re:Unfair competition? (Score 1) 286

by moon3 (#29701335) Attached to: Is Valve's Steam Anti-Competitive?
Maybe, but are you sure Direct2Drive is not owned by 2K, EA, UBI or some other 'parent' publisher? I would not be surprised.

Also, to come up with a highly acclaimed game that would draw people into your new digital store is sure possible, but stunt like this needs some high caliber game like GTA or Doom 3 to succeed.

In other words to start a competing store with Steam might be problematic.

Comment: Re:Unfair competition? (Score 4, Insightful) 286

by moon3 (#29700535) Attached to: Is Valve's Steam Anti-Competitive?
Anyone who doesn't like it is welcome to start up their own, competing service.

Sure and LOL, they were the first carrying titles like Counter-Strike and Half-life, pretty much forcing people to install Steam in order to play these highly desired games. NOBODY would install Steam without some good game already in. You can try to start a competing company with no such games, good luck.

Comment: Re:Alternatives (Score 3, Insightful) 235

by moon3 (#29689677) Attached to: Microsoft Readies Ad-Supported Office Starter 2010
more than happy with something like Open Office, or Google Docs

Most users actually use what is pre-installed, a clear attempt for MS Office to gain new grounds. Why do you think the IE6 is so widespread still ? It is the default bundled browser on Windows XP. This is not a good news for Open Office or Google.

Comment: Re:Heh... surprised? (Score 1) 351

by moon3 (#29673137) Attached to: Null-Prefix SSL Certificate For PayPal Released
I agree that reusing some existing API is the way to do it, but I meant to use some other "CryptoAPI" that exists on Linux or elsewhere (OpenSSL?), I haven't written a word about creating their own. Also to calculate checksums, hashes or randomize keys you do not need anything platform, system or OS dependent I would presume, any such a *NIX code (already in use there anyway) should do the trick be easy to port to Windows.

Comment: Re:Desperation? (Score 1) 117

by moon3 (#29664859) Attached to: Palm Frees Up webOS Development
Partly agreed, but if the app is HTML/Java and can run in a web-browser like environment then you can find such an app on the web anyway and already. What is the point ? We are talking about the added value of AppStore grade applications that somebody would like to pay for, they are barring open source/free software -- they want money -- while openly promoting low-end application interface (web) that can't bring the added value, this is plain stupid, sorry, but this got failure drawn all over.

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