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Comment: Re:Power supply issues are overstated (Score 1) 202

by monsterlemon (#41119551) Attached to: Serious Problems With USB and Ethernet On the Raspberry Pi

You're right about the problems with the USB drivers, and the power issues being a smokescreen for that - it's understandable, but frustrating. The current Pis were clearly labelled as for development and quite possibly "not perfected yet" (seen "Octopussy" recently?).

However, being right doesn't make some of what you came up with in that thread helpful or constructive.

Comment: Re:Whose side (Score 1) 393

by monsterlemon (#27442081) Attached to: Harvard Law's Nesson Says P2P Is "Fair Use"

Maybe the client is of the opinion that he's screwed already (once bankrupt, does the scale of the debt matter?), so no longer has anything to lose - and hence is quite willing to take a really long shot that he hopes will also inflict maximum damage on the opposition.

In battle, a man who has accepted the inevitability of his death can be far more dangerous an adversary than the one who is still believes he may live, and is therefore hamstrung by fear.

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