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Comment Re:The unaccomplished always envy achievement, eh? (Score 1) 93

I'm a long time OpenWRT user and have been running it on 3 or 4 devices over the years. Admittedly it has been a few months since I have checked out the router hardware market, but last time I checked, you couldn't get comparable hardware specs to this (1.6GHz dual-core ARM, 4GB flash, 1GB RAM, gigabit on all ports, USB3, SATA) for anything close to $95 (half of the cost of this router). I'm doubtful you can get that today for even the full asking price of $189 although I'd be pleased to hear otherwise.

Comment Re:Step One (Score 1) 47

Pretty much what I was going to say. Without any more details of the project, it is hard to give suggestions on how to move forward with it, or collaborate on it, but putting it on Github is a great start and as parent poster said, you have nothing to lose.

Comment Re:Can we get back (Score 2) 94

An "adjective-noun" should always be a subset of "noun". A "dwarf planet" should be no less seen as a type of planet than a "dwarf star" is seen as a type of star.

Exactly! Dwarf planet, red planet, giant planet... they're all still planets, just with useful and informative adjectives stuck on the front.

Comment Re:fixing modern gadget (Score 1) 840

That's my experience too, at least with televisions. My dad fixed his first two LCD TVs after taking the back off, spotting the obviously blown capacitor, ordering a big bag of spares off eBay for pennies, and replacing them. A very simple bit of soldering and hey presto, working TV that is still going strong after a few more years of use. It's got to the point where friends and family have occasionally asked either of us to look at their malfunctioning TVs and I think all but one of them has been brought back to life in the very same way. I've even been donated a 'broken' TV that was fixed in the same way, so for something like £0.16 and 10 minutes of my time, I now have a rather nice TV for my spare room.

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