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Comment: Re:This is all just an excuse (Score 1) 165

by monatomic (#46067507) Attached to: K-12 CS Education Funding: Taxes, H-1B Fees, Donations?
Not to mention that these companies simply do not want to hire new graduates (i.e. without years of experience) who are not foreigners, because they expect we will demand too much money. They won't even offer the lower salaries they want to pay! Hell, I would accept a lower salary for good working conditions. I am not unreasonable about it. Yet us new grads don't get interviews.

Comment: Re:Physics? (Score 1) 279

by monatomic (#39607989) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Advice For Budding Scientist?
You have very specific and excellent advice for students starting out in grad school and I find your experience really interesting. I expect this to be useful to me in the years ahead. Would you mind telling more about your general experiences of grad school and afterwards? What kind of mathematical work do you do? (I am beginning grad student in applied math.)

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