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Comment Method I use (Score 2) 547

Short answer, no easy way to do what you suggest. Cleaning personal info from W7 is a manual job that takes time, and no way to guarantee you got it all. Best advice is to use the restore partition (if it has one) or clean Install of W7 and then when it is done restoring or the clean install is done, overwrite all the free space on the drive with "Eraser 5.8.8", this guarantee's all info has been overwritten.

Posting your Make and exact Model may prompt us for more suggestions.

If re-installing is Not an option.

Back up data you want to save, then follow the exact order below.

1. Create a new admin user account.

2. Log into that new account and delete any other user accounts (do not delete the hidden admin or guest accounts)

3. Uninstall any software you don't want to pass on. then search the hard drive for those names of software and remove any folders left behind.

4. Delete any folders on the C drive that may have been created manually by the user.

5. Do a IE7-8 reset, then delete browsing history (select all the boxes)

6. Use index.dat suite to delete any .dat files it finds,(requires selecting them to be deleted on a reboot)

See this link for instructions using index.dat suite on Vista or W7

Or use a linux live disc to delete all the .dat files.

7. At the command prompt type these 3 commands one at a time hitting enter each time, the erase tmp command may take time to complete.


erase *.tmp /s

erase *.bak /s

8 . Empty the Recycle Bin

9 . Use eraser version 5.8.8 to erase the free space on the hard drive, install eraser, then right click on the C drive and select "erase unused space". (it may take quite some time if the hard drive is large)

Comment Because of the Fuel (Score 3, Insightful) 891

If the govt would get out of the petroleum regulating business and stop putting additives into gasoline we would get better fuel mileage, it all started with MTBE, now its Ethanol. When MTB came out in the US, my 82 VW Scirocco went from 42mpg to 32mpg on the first fill up of that shit gas.
Stop fucking with the fuel!
Make one grade of gasoline that gets the best fuel economy possible for most cars.

Comment Re:Well this is disturbing. (Score 1) 445

Yes you can expect hard drives to become total crap, no incentive to release firmware updates either.

1 year is the lowest common denominator, expect their design and engineering to take the same route. No reason to make a better product now.

Seagate is known for making their warranty claim web page to become inoperable for days on end, making it impossible to file a warranty claim, hoping you will give up. Jerks!


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