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Comment: Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 433

by modulo26 (#34894278) Attached to: Internet Downloading Costs To Rise In Canada

Non-invariant is not the same as arbitrary.

I won't write a treatIse on the incompatibility of utilitarianism and categorical imperative if you don't try to tell me utilitarianism is obviously the only basis for ethics.

Sorry for posting to an old thread.

Interesting that I mentioned attempts at social engineering by the sword and you went strait for communism. Read a little history. The communists didn't invent the field.

Comment: Re:Don't worry (Score 1) 433

by modulo26 (#34811466) Attached to: Internet Downloading Costs To Rise In Canada

You lost credibility at "organization of human societies can be completely arbitrary." if there's one thing humanity has learned from the political experiments of the last hundred years it is that humanity is not infinitely mutable. No matter how many you kill.

"Happiness is the only value" . . . I won't try to dissuade you of that. I likely won't get anywhere. But that is a perversion of an absolutist utilitarianism that is as mind bogglingly false to me as I'm sure it is self evident to you. Ethics is not so easy as you think.

Comment: Re:Predicted future news: (Score 1) 184

by modulo26 (#34750682) Attached to: Why Digital Newsstands Stink

Last night I was sitting on the couch watching an old 24 while using my iPad to run some quick calculations on my laptop through vnc and monitoring batch jobs on two servers with iSSH. Tonight I'm laying in bed reading the news and will soon drift off to sleep with an interesting lecture from iTunes u. I am seriously impressed with this device. Sometimes I objectively wonder why I'm as impressed as I am, but then the part of my brain that in childhood said "look puppy!" notices the iPad and I'm distracted again.

It is masked but always present. I don't know who built to it. It came before the first kernel.