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Comment: Bad GUI, No sync migration (Score 1) 74

by mnt (#48358015) Attached to: Mozilla Launches Browser Built For Developers
The GUI is very bad. Black on black, nearly no contrast... I'm back to Pale Moon.

Oh, and why is there no migration path between old sync and new sync? It's just a new authentication, everything under the hood is the same. If i run Pale Moon (old sync) and Firefox (new sync) i cannot have both of them, i'm forced to choose.

Comment: Raspi Ripoff (Score -1, Troll) 141

by mnt (#48344441) Attached to: Raspberry Pi A+ Details Leaked
Oh, still has that DSI connector one cannot use because of missing software. And has a CSI connector for those 2$ cameras that are sold for 25$. I thank the Raspi for kicking off the ARM revolution, but now (after four non overclocked pis that died without warning) i simply hate it. I have moved on to boards that have better power filtering, overcurrent protection, tens of gpios more, sdcard interfaces that dont trash your card and work with any card model and all that at the same cost or cheaper.

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