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Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 478

You're clearly unfamiliar with Carbon. There are really two kinds of GUI Carbon: ancient stuff from Mac OS 9 and older, and new hot HIToolbox APIs introduced in 2002-2004, for 10.2 and 10.3. The new APIs are clean, written in a prototype OO, near-Core Foundation style, with increasing integration with Cocoa and a basis on composited windows, opaque Carbon Events which interact well with Foundation (Objc) and Core Foundation (C) types, Quartz graphics, and suppport for embedded Cocoa controls.

If Carbon were a stopgap, why would Apple spend all this money on 'modern Carbon'? From what I understand the Modern Carbon I had management's full support until suddenly they didn't.

I work on one of the largest Carbon apps out there, and I'm a huge Cocoa bigot. I'm happy about Cocoafication, but i understand the business justification for staying Carbon while Apple kept giving us an improved HIToolbox with each release. Denying that apple went to considerable expense to modernize and extend Carbon in a useful and interesting direction, and then killed the project in mid flight when they'd been telling us about and then doing all this cool carbon modernization, is just being their apologist. We were encouraged to keep using it, it made sense to do so, and then suddenly it's our fault that we did.

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