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Comment Re:Yes, comments are too hard to police. (Score 4, Insightful) 226

Or perhaps it's to keep an air of professionalism or at least family friendliness on the site? Also you don't have a right to your viewpoints on private property/websites/whatever. As a website owner I don't have to let you speak your mind and maybe I don't care to know why you feel that black people are the superior race or that Democrats are all evil. News organizations have no duty to let "the people's voice" be heard...nor does any other organization that is not operating as a local/state/federal branch of the United States government (in the US at least...other countries may have similar or different laws).

Comment Re:How is this different from Microsoft's... (Score 1) 149

You must not be a very good SysAdmin if you can only managed 2 days of uptime. I have Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 boxes with weeks of uptimes. In fact, the only downtimes they've had is to reboot to apply the updates. I do have a Windows 7 box that hasn't had an update (it's off network, attached to some equipment) that hasn't been rebooted in about 7 months. That outage was due to the power going out. .NET has typically been a pretty stable product as well. I believe it to be the best framework out there for development. Nothing else, in my opinion, competes with the completeness and applicability that the framework provides. I think you're just trolling.

Comment Re:Have they fixed the performance problems? (Score 1) 132

Blah. It depends on the type of work one is doing. Go ahead and spend the extra 30 minutes writing up the code to do a new form with 3 buttons, some graphical effects, and some text boxes. Then make them resize when the form changes while keeping intelligent ratios. I'll do it in a 1/4 of the time and when a bean counter compares our performance I'll have a better bonus.

Comment Re:To teach kids to code you need an incentive (Score 1) 133

I find these kinds of replies often. However I always wonder: did your parents try and get you to learn how to code or was that something you did yourself? Perhaps the whole premise of "getting kids to code" is a faulty one. The kids that WANT to code will do so on their own. Many of us started coding and it's not like we had a massive amount of push to do it. It was fascinating, empowering, and an interesting challenge. Also there's the whole idea that parents are lame and their ideas of fun are lame. Perhaps we could just let kids do what we all did: discover the real magic behind computers on our own and THEN seek out guidance versus having it thrust at us like it's a job?

Comment Re:Statism vs. Libertarianism again (Score 3, Informative) 123

> If you take out the liberal run towns with the highest gun violence, you'll find that gun deaths are indeed fairly rare.

Ah, there it is, that's the real reason for your argument. See I was missing how you were equating identity theft (which while a headache is less of a headache than death) with getting shot, but then I realized that this was your opportunity to take a jab at liberals.

You're twisting information to suite your narrative. You've also neglected to mention that (based on whatever uncited source you're claiming to get your information about gun crimes from) that Republican led states have much higher levels of crime than Democrat states. This information was based off of the analysis of the 2008 Uniform Crime Reports. You can find that analysis here: http://editions.lib.umn.edu/sm...

Of course there's also more recent studies (seen here: https://www.americanprogress.o...) that show a link between lax gun laws and higher gun crime rates. More directly it shows that states with the highest gun crimes (which are typically conservative states) have the highest crime rates. In fact Alaska, Louisiana, Montana, and Alabama rank higher (per capita) in firearm deaths than Democratic states. For comparison while all of the above states were at least 4 points above the national average of 10.26 deaths/100,000 people Illinois was ~2 points LOWER than the national average.

I suppose it's easier to just throw out random uncited sources and half-baked facts without researching the overall data. Especially when your entire goal is to slander a political view that you apparently disagree with. But the short of the long is that none of the above discussion is a valid answer on why everything should be black and white. I personally think you're just trolling -- even if it's not a conscious decision to troll.

Comment Re:windows is exactly the problem. (Score 1) 249

You're off on a few case points. Google Docs is a piss poor comparison to Word and their spreadsheet offering? Fuggedaboutit. Also focusing on Windows as a universal OS does pay off. If I can write an app that runs on a phone, a laptop, a tablet, a gaming system, and a desktop without extra coding on my part -- well color me intrigued. Apps are not obsolete and it's likely the market will swing back around away from all of this insecure, slow, expensive "in-the-cloud" bullshit that everyone else called Mainframes back in the 70s and 80s. Don't get me wrong -- there's a place for "cloud"/Mainframe applications, but it's not a "solves all problems" kind of thing and the market just hasn't yet swung back around.

Comment Re:Damn you Uber (Score 1) 230

If a specific, non-consequential word is enough to "utterly DESTROY" an argument, then it was not a good argument to begin with. Since your only rebuttal was the usage of the word then my argument remains valid. Getting hung up on presentation vs content is a good way to miss an underlying message or is an attempt to appear intellectually superior to the other person. Put simply: look for fault in what I say, not how I say it.

Comment Re:Damn you Uber (Score 1, Troll) 230

I suppose it's possible to get someone else's SSN and assume that identity. But even still they're paying taxes. I thought the biggest "BLURB BLURB" was the lack of paying taxes like good ol' MURICAN wealthy conservatives who throw the majority of their incomes into offshore tax shelters and don't report on them. I suppose that's the difference between a tax evasion strategy and "DEY TURK ER JERRBS".

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