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Comment: Re:Correction: (Score 1) 168

by mlscdi (#31388164) Attached to: Wear Leveling, RAID Can Wipe Out SSD Advantage
I don't see your argument. Are you saying that a quick boot time doesn't make a computer more useful?

A properly-configured SSD-based laptop running XP or some linux flavour can easily boot in 10 seconds. Similar improvements are possible in Vista and 7. Are you trying to say that's not beneficial? What about when you are out and about and you need to make a quick tweak to a word document, or a presentation? Or if you're at airport security and someone asks you to boot your machine up to make sure it's not a bomb? With suspend-to-disk it's even quicker, as you rightly pointed out.

And that's ignoring all of the other benefits - less chance of failure, cooler, better battery life, more shock-resistant, etc, etc

Comment: Re:Correction: (Score 1) 168

by mlscdi (#31381956) Attached to: Wear Leveling, RAID Can Wipe Out SSD Advantage

No one ever said otherwise. The needs of enterprise customers will ensure that magnetic HDDs will continue to exist for years to come.

And it's not always worthwhile to upgrade a PC. Hard drives will continue to exist there as long as there is a significant price difference between HDDs and SSDs. Some people, like gamers, will pay for the extra performance. Someone using their PC for word processing, Web browsing and e-mail gains no advantage on a desktop, and little advantage on a laptop.

Someone who wants a fast-booting, reliable, rugged laptop with good battery life will see a massive advantage. Believe it or not, that's the majority of students and business users. Ever wonder why the EEEs were so popular?

Comment: Re:Stop buying crippled devices (Score 4, Insightful) 228

by mlscdi (#29482475) Attached to: Google, Apple Joust Over Rejected Voice App

Next step will be devices that expire and refuse to work after a given date

That already exists. Ever tried to replace an iPod/iPhone battery? Sure, it's possible, but Apple make this as difficult as they can for you. I always have held the belief that iPods/iPhones are defective by design.

Comment: Re:I wouldnt make plans to deploy it either (Score 1) 429

by mlscdi (#28690193) Attached to: Most Companies Won't Deploy Windows 7 — Survey

Thinking 'bout it... (and sorry for the selfreply), when did anything MS say, promise, do or deliver have anything to do with the upgrade cycles your management decides for? It's more like "the computers are exactly 3 years, 2 months and 1 day old, time for change. BING! Now!"

Actually, MSN Search was much older than three years 2 months and a day when they replaced it with Bing.

Comment: Re:Nearly there.... (Score 1) 644

by mlscdi (#28123943) Attached to: Asus Slaps Linux In the Face

Got rid of Linux...

Now why not get rid of the Eee altogether.

I sat through nearly all that rubbish and there is nothing that they were doing that I can't do on my phone (And I've got a 2 year old SE k610i).

Oh wait! I couldn't run Microsoft Works....

Type a report, essay, or document perhaps? I'd pay good money to see what your thumbs looked like afterwards.

Comment: Let's all get clear on this (Score 1) 143

by mlscdi (#27896391) Attached to: A Look Back At the World's First Netbook
In my humble opinion, a netbook is a small, light, cheap computer designed primarily for low-level tasks: writing, web browsing, etc.

A Sub-Notebook is what this is: Small and light, yes, but certainly not cheap. Examples of this would include the MacBook Air.

Sub-Notebooks have been around pretty much since notebooks have been around (as demonstrated in some of the other comments in this thread). Netbooks are a recent phenomenon beginning with the EEE. Just my $0.02

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